Saint John Chrysostom’s Advice On How To Deal With Blasphemers

“If you hear that someone is at a crossroads or on a square blaspheming God, go and reason with him. And if you must, hit him on the face, strike his mouth, sanctify your hand with a blow; and if they accuse and bring you to court, go.”

— St. John Chrysostom

“Let both Jews and Hellenes know that Christians are the guardians, protectors, rulers and teachers of the city; and let the reprobates and libertines learn the same thing, that they should be afraid of God’s servants, and that if they want to say anything blasphemous or mocking, they look around and fear even the shadows, fearing that a Christian might overhear.”

— St. John Chrysostom

Saint John mentions Jews here in the context that many of them would blaspheme the Lord and His Mother calling her names that I couldn’t possibly repeat here. Even to this day, Jews are known to spit on Christians as they pass by in the Holy land. It happened to my uncle once. I also saw it happen on YouTube where the Rabbi spits at the Orthodox monk passing him by. The Orthodox monk loses his cool, turns around and thumps him in the mouth.

When I read these quotes I thought to myself, “wow, I was “cancelled” by the Bishop and his committee from progress to the diaconate for complaining about a vaccine mandate being required for admission on social media. Imagine John sharing a status update like this on Twitter or Facebook today? Such are the times he’d probably be struck off the saintly register.

The times are certainly different now than they were back then. If we were to follow Johns rule today there wouldn’t be enough time in the world to sanctify our hands with such a blow, huh? These are tough words from John that echo a different culture that held Christ in high regard. Today, the tables have turned, right? Now, if you dare to insult or blaspheme the gods of the heathen LGBT you’ll get a smack in the mouth. They’ll go to court as heroes. I say this because I see it happening all the time.

I saw on YouTube a Roman Catholic man playing his rosary alongside a statue of the Blessed Theotokos of Fatima. He had been punched in the mouth by one of the participants in an LGBT parade. Today they can blaspheme the Lord, and even dare to remove Blasphemous laws in the name of progress. Meanwhile, they erect their own blasphemous irreligious laws called, “hate speech laws”. In modern times we have a situation where men are being arrested and beaten in the street for offending people by preaching the Bible.

Tactics have certainly changed but not in Russia apparently. I recently read about a young Russian woman who came across a man wearing a t-shirt that made fun of Jesus. She first told him to stop that type of behaviour and then proceeded to rip it off him. She called the police because they’ve got Blasphemous laws and use them. The man ran off before the police arrived.

You know, a man once came to me and said he wanted to get married. He had been struggling to find a good woman. If he’s reading this, that’s the kind of woman you want right there. Go get her number. she’s been in the news and the Russian Orthodox boys are already queueing at her door hahaha. Whoever she marries will be happy all the days of his life believe me.

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