The Greatest Theology Is To Contemplate Jesus

What I’m about to say may sound like I’m being cute, but it’s actually true.

The greatest theology out there is that of contemplation of Jesus Christ. The pinnacle and summit of what it means to be a theologian are to adore the Lord.

The best way to get to know Christ is to use the Sacraments, Prayer and the texts of the Holy Fathers. The Patristic writings and most especially the mystical kind that pertains to prayer and relationship with Christ is all that should fill your bookshelf.

Leave systematic theology for becoming a priest and deacon or other. Priests spend way too much time on that type of theology to the neglect of what really matters. . . that is to say, choosing the better part. Those who sit at the feet of the Lord and hang on his every word as Mary did, will always fare better than the Marthas who busy themselves with things that don’t help them advance towards heaven.

Lay people are guilty of this too. “Oh I have just done this amazing 2 year Bible study with and now I’m a theologian.” AHAHAHAHAA. Please!!! “Hey Annie, I hear you’re a theologian now? By the way, you look awful fat in that dress” *whispers*”Now, let’s see how long Annie remains a theologian” hahaha.

A theologian is someone who possesses humility and contemplates God in virtue. Now, there’s a theologian for you. Read the patristic saintly writings and that which will help us save our souls. Leave everything else for priests who have little to no choice but to study systematic theology, and even then they should be more inclined to give the former more weight than the latter.

All study of theology is good and has its purpose for every individual. BUT. . . we must place greater emphasis on the purest study of them all, that being the contemplation of Christ through Sacraments, prayer, virtuous deeds and reading the lives and spiritual advice of the Saints and Holy Fathers.

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