The Reason Why You Conform To The Mainstream Narrative

Unless you happen to be in that small percentage of society, the concept of social conformity is neither discussed nor included in our unhealthy diet of modern education.

The upper tiers of elitism that control what kind of information we receive (Mainstream media, politics, the film/music industry and academia) have a firm understanding of it using such knowledge to their advantage.

In fact, you won’t see studies like this today because they’re viewed as “unethical” which could be the reason why YouTube is repeatedly taking them down. Well, that’s the excuse they’re using, but we all know that keeping a lid on such knowledge (especially from the youth) is crucial if they want to cling to their strategy of having people vote the way they want them to.

I come from a working-class/Blue collar background so I can legitimately talk about my own class without being viewed as being mean spirited. It is general knowledge (especially among the elite) that working-class people are uneducated idiots.

They’re smart enough to work the machines for their minimum wage in the local factory and dumb enough to not ask any of the important questions. They’re the kind that fall for the well-refined political speeches of their local politician knocking at their front door.

In their heads, working-class people think they know it all. They’re self-styled philosophers with a grasp on how things work but they’re not. Indeed, it is rare to find such an individual that is smart among such classes. In sales, my colleagues with a great amount of cruelty would say, “Let’s hang around the poor neighbourhoods, you’re always guaranteed a sale from that lot”.

You see, rich smart people were tough to sell to. They asked too many questions and were far more logical. The working classes were easier targets because they were ruled by their emotions. All you had to do was beg them to buy from you and they’d do it. You couldn’t do that with an upper-class person because they’d no empathy.

These sales guys knew that the working class estates were an easier sell because of the quality of intelligence in them and these salesmen were working class themselves. It’s a sad reality none of us working-class people likes to admit because it forces us to embrace the uncomfortable idea we’re not that smart. On the other hand, rich people are no good either because there’s too much logic and no love or empathy in them. The balance is necessary for a healthy mind, right?

There’s always going to be more working classes than there are rich ones who make up a tiny percentage of the country. That’s the way the elite like it. They enjoy giving poor people all the freebies they want and keeping them pinned to social welfare. “Why would you want a job when you can have all this free stuff? If you get a job you’ll lose your free medical card. Why would you want to work when the wage is the same you’re getting on welfare?”

More poor people (whose minds we can manipulate through popular conformity) means more votes. More votes will mean more money for the elite. More people on social welfare means they’re off the ladder that makes them successful leaving room only for the elite and their children’s children to make that climb to the peak of success. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Whenever a democratic referendum approaches have you ever noticed how the mainstream media, politicians and the film/music industry pull every trick they can out of the hat? They work together as a team to produce a popular social norm to influence the vote of others and get the result THEY want. It’s a democratic dictatorship.

Even though the country can quite clearly see who the right choice is, they find themselves (like the man in the video above) giving the wrong answer. Then you have a case like they do in America where 5 out of 10 people find their vote for president Biden a regrettable one. You see? They knew they’d voted for the wrong guy and are now scratching their heads with regret when they see the mess that ensued from choosing the easier option of being agreeable to everyone.

The reason why you conform to the mainstream narrative is that you’re not being given the right education at school to understand how that even works. Do you think if they were allowed to show such “unethical” experiments in school today that young people would fall for their nonsense? No, of course not. This is the kind of education you’ll only ever find in boarding schools that cost 100k a year for the parent to send them. They won’t be showing this kind of thing to poor kids in public schools and as I’ve recently demonstrated we already know why that is.

Even when I was in school, there was segregation of children based on intelligence. They still do this. I had been put in the lowest class because I was not particularly bright at all. The kids of higher intelligence went into the high class. They were often taken to the local parliament and taught politics and how to debate but we were not. You see? Even in the public system, there is a vision where poor people like me will be when we leave which is to say the local factory.

That said, social conformity is not really a class thing only that it is more prevalent among the poorer classes being only a generalization. Every person from all walks of life conforms to the popular mainstream opinion. Not all of them are as smart as they like to portray themselves no matter how many degrees they’ve got notched on their belt of success.

All I’m doing here is demonstrating the reason why the privately educated from a wealthy background (goes with the territory) are more inclined to be taught this at school and understand it more than anyone else.

The upper classes are awash at the moment with liberalism (at least here in Ireland) and so this is why the imbalance in the mainstream narrative is obvious to the collective few with an invested interest in how the system works.

It was the same result 80 years ago when conservatism was mainstream and the small few liberal elites stood at the sidelines waiting for a comeback to happen. It’s not like I’m pinning this type of behaviour only on liberals.

But the elite of society knows they don’t need to worry about that small number of “woke” people. Why? There’s not enough of them to sabotage their plans, that’s why and are usually degraded and called conspiracy theorists to keep the middle to lower classes of society under control.

In the end, conformity to the popular narrative is simply the easier option. Think about it for a moment, it’s much easier to agree with everyone in the class than be the singular person who disagrees. Who wants to deal with the headache of an argument when agreeing with everyone brings peace of mind?

It reminds me of the peasant who said to the King, “How did you become so successful? You were once like me, a peasant.” The King responded, “Oh I just agreed with everyone.” The peasant thought about it for a moment and said, “Oh that’s ridiculous! How did you become King by simply agreeing with everyone?” His majesty replied, “Yeah, you’re right, how did I become King just from agreeing with everyone? Hm”.

You see? Agree with everyone and life will go great for you materially and even give you peace of mind. “Call me they/he” “O.K but. . . will it make me more money to call you your preferred pronouns and get me a spot on Saturday night live with Madonna?” “Yeah, of course, and should you give the wrong answer you’ll be on welfare” “Well then in that case, hello there they/he”.

You’ll have to deal with the thought of burying the truth for the sake of your career, but such voices in your head are usually drowned out by the waves of the blue ocean you’re sipping your margarita from right? right.

In a world where the comfort of a good career outweighs the discomfort of being a nonconformist, how can one get to the truth and experience peace? The answer lies in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, take a look at the Cross for a moment. That’s a real non-conformist. The only way true peace of mind can ever be obtained on an eternal basis is to embrace being Crucified not only by the world but by religious people too.

To embrace the Cross requires the strength to sacrifice the easier option of falling in line with everybody else. In the world of Christ, there can be no peace without first being crucified. For those of us enjoying the comfort of success now, there will come a time when reality sets itself in motion and we see that such comfort was a mere illusion. Yeah, the steak tasted great, but it wasn’t the real thing. Jesus is the real thing.

The question for you now is this: What wrong answer are you giving in life to satisfy those around you and benefit yourself? Think about that for a moment. Now, tell yourself, “I don’t need the human approval of this person or anyone to be happy and successful. True happiness is not found in having the approval of others nor material wealth and social success.”

Not easy is it? No, getting off that elevator of mind control is an uncomfortable one. And get off it you must if you want to be happy.

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