What Happens To Our View Of Mother And Father When We Die?

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

A lot of people have touched upon this subject but I will only touch upon one aspect. When you die, whatever relationship you’ve had with your father or mother comes to a close. You no longer see them as mother and father in the life to come. When you die you will recognize God as your actual father and Mary as being your real mother.

This recognition can happen in this life but it is a Grace given by the Lord to those whom it pleased Him to give it. It doesn’t mean they’re more worthy than anyone else for having experienced it, but for whatever reason He does it is known to Him alone.

I know that some of you reading this will be saying, “But I call God Father and Mary Mother. I see them as such.” Yeah, but so has the person to whom God gave the Grace. They’d been saying the Our Father and using that term for years. The Pope, Patriarch, Bishops and some of the worlds hidden hermits have not experienced it.

Many of us romanticize heaven as a place where we will get to hang out with our long lost friends and relatives once again. This is a notion borne of selfish thought that excludes the primary reason we should look forward to heaven, which is to say, meeting God, not our relatives. But, it is a place where all relationships we once enjoyed on earth come to an end and we become like unto the angels in Heaven. The bliss will be in the eternal contemplation of God.

Even now, when one truly repents, the manner in which a person truly sees their father and mother on earth changes. The more we grow in the love with our real Father and Mother, the more we can love our former parents and come to see them for who they really are.

The Mother and the father in this life are like carers in the spiritual war tasked with the upbringing of the children that they might one day acknowledge their real father upon awakening from the slumber of the passions that bind them as a result of original sin. The whole purpose of the Mother and Father on this earth is to lead their children to their true Father and repentance.

Even though the child may grow in the love with God, yet only through Grace will He receive this special sort of recognition of who God and Mary really are. Sometimes the Lord allows us to go through life without this Grace because it’s what pleases Him to do so. Perhaps one could argue that the recognition of God as Father is a Grace in itself, but then there’s another Grace where you actually recognize Him as your actual real-life father. Descriptions fall short. . . they do.

Very few of us are aware that this whole spiritual thing is very serious. To try and bring people to how serious this reality is I point them in the direction of fictional Hollywood movies that mirror that reality. The terminator, the Matrix, the Truman show etc all depict a reflection of what is actually a reality.

For example in the Terminator II Sarah Connors is depicted as a warrior who protects her son from that which is trying to kill Him. It accurately reflects the role of the Christian parent and that of the Devil who sleeps neither day nor night with the one goal of dragging your adopted son to Hell.

Again, the Matrix is a fantastic depiction of how we view repentance and the importance of waking up to the reality that surrounds us. It’s a great movie that conveys the important message of a man asleep and now awake to the dangers around him. Only Christ can give this.

I could go on forever and ever on these movies. I thought I’d touch on them ever so briefly to demonstrate that the human mind is always subconsciously bent on God. These spiritual truths are reflected in the movies and art that man develops. We often see religion as ancient, corny, uncool and irrelevant. That’s exactly where the Devil wants you to be.

There are two ways of dying, the first is here and the second is when our body ceases to be in this fallen world. The first death is always preferable to the second because should the second happen when we are unprepared, it’s like playing Russian Roulette with one’s soul.

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