There Is No Such Thing As Hell For God Is Merciful And Will Forgive Us All Our Sins

Image by nikolaytaman90 from Pixabay

Many of the more careless sort of persons, using the loving kindness of God to increase the magnitude of their sins and the excess of their disregard, speak in this way, “There is no Hell, there is no future punishment, God forgives us all sins.”

John Chrysostom

In my study of Johns works this afternoon I’ve decided to pull this quote for your consideration. In fact, I have read this quote days ago only that it’s been playing on my mind for the past few days. What happens to me often is having read the thing, it plays on my mind and I take this as a sign I should speak about it. To keep it to myself would be like the man who had been given money to invest and did nothing and kept it to himself.

John is writing in the latter part of the 4th century. Many modernist Catholic theologians turn their noses up at these patristic writings of the fathers. They do this because they view it as ancient and old. However, as I have repeatedly stated on this blog never ceasing from tiring to do so, their writings are very relevant today. How so? Because they address the same arguments humans make today to justify their sins. Sinful acts like abortion, contraception and societies where homosexuality is acceptable are all considered modern movements whereas Christian doctrine is viewed as something ancient and irrelevant.

Man himself thinks he’s a modern prodigy that has progressed. The writings of the fathers prove otherwise demonstrating mans stale and boring existence. It further proves that apart from technological and cultural changes society remains the same today as it had been yesterday.

I must concede the only thing old about the above quote is the old English used to deliver it. Other than that we read John addressing the same argument used not only by the world and Christian laity but that even of the head of the Jesuit order who believes Hell doesn’t exist.

To justify our sinning, we seek to give weight to the mercy of God over punishment. A woman once told me concerning her baptized (but irreligious) mother that she tried to tell her that her soul is in danger. What did her mother respond? “Oh, God loves me.” I probed further and inquired as to what she replied to her mother. “I didn’t know what to say.”

I replied, “Here is what you’re to say when she comes out with that nonsense again. Tell her it’s not a question of whether or not God loves her (that is a given). Rather, the question is whether or not she loves Him? For only those who obey His commandments and receive Him will have eternal life.”

Other people say, “There is no Hell, God is all-merciful and will not abandon me at my last breath, right?” Referring to it as an old doctrine they say, “Who even believes in the idea that Hell exists anymore? Nobody.”

The fact that many Catholic scholars believe there to be no Hell really does make you wonder about the stupidity of humanity and the utter ignorance of Sacred Scripture and Tradition. If the most educated among us don’t believe in Hell, how on earth do we recover the grosser uneducated sort from their disbelief? A significant and laborious task indeed. Shamelessly they plunge themselves into the same heresies as their fathers before them. What is worse they go so far as to claim it to be modern and new theology. Observe the absolute ignorance of it all?

It goes to show that while being highly educated is a blessing, it proves to be a curse also. The halls of modern academia are awash with demons crawling all over the souls of the self-styled philosophical and over-privileged delinquents who preside over the cold walls of its heretical discourses. Yeah, Satan for its foundation and his army of devils that form its bricks. That’s all those seminaries are. A greater den of thieves and brigands you will not find than inside that place of supreme villainy.

I say thieves because they break in and steal the precious knowledge of God having not been invited (meaning called by God for the task). I say brigands because they take those mighty pearls and like ignorant pigs they trample them underfoot by inventing new doctrines and harming the hearts and minds of the faithful. They are thieves that break into the houses (souls) of others and rob them of whatever little riches (virtues) they had turning them into cities (souls) of desolation. It will go easier on the day of judgment for murderers and transgressors of the civil and Gods law than it will for them.

There’s nothing worse than a careless soul. Not a sinful one, but a careless one for even the sinful go to Confession once a week and are more careful than this lot.

For those who don’t believe Hell is real, I highly recommend you read the book, “Heaven is real, but so is Hell” by Vassula Ryden. In this book, she testifies quite clearly that all of it is real. Not only do the scriptures and fathers testify to this reality but modern prophets also. What more do you want?

Saint John Chrysostom whom I quoted is a Saint and his Holy ear incorrupt. Tell me, who should I listen to? The counsel of him whose incorrupt ear remained so due to the sweet whisperings of the Holy Spirit, or some post-Vatican II hippy whose rich mum and dad put him through college only to spout heresy from the pulpit? For me, the decision is an easy one, and any right-minded Christian reading this would agree.

Amen, I tell you, I know whose counsel I’ll be receiving and you should do the same.

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