Trying To Fix Things In The Church That Are Beyond Our Control

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We’ve all had those moments where we’ve tried to control that which is beyond our remit. The desire to control a situation beyond our reach is one of the many roots of emotional upset. One of those problems out of the orbit of our control is the very messy behaviour of the clergy within the Church. All this scandal and trouble from a lay perspective is not possible to get a grasp of and sort out on ones own. The trouble the Church experiences throughout the centuries can be likened to a virus that must run its course.

I went to the doctor with an illness I had been having. He said, “Like most viral infections, there’s no cure for it. The best I can do is give you some medication to ease the pain. In the end, like all viruses, this must be allowed to run its course and will be over in a few days.”

The Church experiences these periods of wellness and disease. One century everything seems relatively good while another century sees it come down with a major fever. A lot of Christians in the Church allow themselves to get frustrated with what’s happening because they’re not able to control what is taking place and would like to. This kind of spiritual disposition can make a person go crazy if they’re not careful.

Whatever ups and downs the local diocese is experiencing will run its course. The medication we take to help with the pain of looking at such sickness is to bury our heads into the scriptures and prayer. We must sit back and allow the immune system (Jesus Christ) to fight this one for us. Sometimes we have to accept that there are various sicknesses that we cannot fight. Accepting this will soften the blow and help us maintain focus upon the goal of being saved. Getting off this ugly rock full of sin in one piece is the most important thing we can concentrate on.

Leave Jesus to choose those chosen to cleanse that mess and don’t add to it with your anger. Let it go. Don’t like the ruling of your local Bishop? You don’t have to, but accept it and let the Lord deal with him all the while praying God will deliver him from the ignorance of his inappropriate decision making. It’s not easy, and losing the head in a righteous way as did Jesus is sometimes justified, but it should be rare.

I have heard some saints like Padre Pio advise that you should stay and fight and not move around. He advised his sister this. She wanted to leave a monastery because it was so liberal. However, I have to disagree with this major Saint. Sometimes we have to be humble and recognize that we are weak. If you’re in an environment that is too much for your weak faith to handle then you get out of there. Saint Paul says to “work out your own salvation.” To accept that things are the way they are doesn’t mean you sit in it and learn to be happy, only strong saints can do that. Accept that you’re not a Saint, don’t risk your mental and spiritual health and leave. Acknowledge your inability to control this situation, and if needs be go somewhere else and let that virus run its course.

That is what is taking place in the Catholic Church today. It’s got a virus and already one can see it’s running its course. The old priests and Bishops infected with bad hippy theology are dying off and the more conservative youth are beginning to make a comeback. See? It’s running its course and you didn’t even lift a finger, Jesus did. Yeah, you prayed but that’s the best you can do, really. Jesus does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. The minute you try to take control of something that’s when the upset comes and why do that to yourself?

Why stay in some liberal infested diocese or parish? Staying there is a form of pride. To assume you can somehow withstand its blows indicates a form of pride and I would like you to avoid that. No, run!!! Save yourself and your family!!! (If you have one.). In my martial arts class we were taught that when someone pulls a knife on you, you RUN. If that option is not available to you then you stay and make the best of it by fighting. However, with the option to walk away, deciding to stay would be a form of false heroic pride and madness. It’s beyond your control. . . RUN.

Who purposefully takes a hammer and breaks every bone in their hand with it? Crazy people. Who takes a bat and beats himself over the head with it? Crazy people. Who tries to fight things beyond their control? Crazy people.

Don’t be crazy and accept that this virus will run its course.

God bless

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