An Encounter With A Walking Saint On The Beach

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

I walk the dog along the beach almost every day except weekends. The reason I don’t do weekends is that the population is too high on the beach at these times. I enjoy an empty sandy shore with little people about it because I love the silence gained from it. Yesterday, the Lord graced me and my two young sons with a special encounter. On our way back to the car it would appear we were not the only ones taking advantage of the emptiness to get some exercise.

We spotted two large strong men walking with someone very skinny but much taller than themselves. All three men were dressed poorly so you could tell they were of a working social class (same as myself). They walked either side of the tall man. Upon closer inspection, from about 100 feet away I observed that the man in the middle was not your average person. He could not speak but made strange noises. It occurred to me that he was mentally disabled. He was not high functioning. For this reason, he could not speak words. Instead, he made sounds to express his mood and desires.

He saw my dog. As he walked with his two carers with their backs to me he stopped, made a loud screaming noise and stared at me and my dog. I could tell that the dog intrigued him to the point where he desired to approach, but his carers turned him back to the direction they wanted to go. Walking again he turned around for a second time. His carers, strong as they were could not resist the strength of the man in their care. Then he did it a third time and that’s when I invited him over to pet the dog.

“Does he want to pet the dog?” I asked. “Come on over and pet the dog”. I knew that unless he got to come over and see the dog he would not be satisfied. They came over and it became apparent that he was in his late teens but with the mind of a child. His carer petted the dog. The young man stood there full of joy at getting close to the dog. His name was a Christian and one of the four evangelists.

When they had departed I got into the car and my sons asked what was wrong with him. I told them that sometimes little boys bodies get old, but they remain children in their minds and souls and that this is a blessing of God. “I locked the doors because I thought the noises he made were scary and that he’d do something bad,” said Joseph. “No, not at all”, I replied, “What you were in the presence of is a walking Saint. For unless we all become like little children, we won’t enter the Kingdom”. I further explained that only the innocent and pure will obtain the Kingdom and not only will this young man enter it, but already possesses it. This is why I explained you’re in the presence of Holiness.”

It took my sons a while to comprehend the concept, but in the end, they understood.

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