Without Christ At Its Root, A Family Tree Dies And Is Forgotten About

In the Kingdom of the Lord, human relationships are not the same as they are perceived on earth. When a man dies although the family connection is always there, this doesn’t save him nor is the family relationship established in heaven the same as on earth.

What I mean to say is that because your father was a very pious person or even a prophet, does not mean that you yourself get to act as you please on earth and not face judgment for it. However, it is possible that such a prophets sacrifice for the Lord could be offered for the souls of his relatives. It is also possible for the deceased relative to pray for your conversion.

When approached in the Gospel about his Mother and brothers being outside, Jesus took the opportunity to demonstrate who his true mothers and brothers were. He did not insult his own Mother whom he elevated as the greatest of all Saints and crowned Queen of Heaven. Rather, he showed that true relations of his are those who keep the Law of the Lord and remain close to Him.

Jesus had many relations, cousins he would have played with when growing up. Where are they? Do we know all their names? No! We don’t! Why? Because they didn’t follow him nor did many of them Believe in Him. Yet, the ones remembered for all time are strangers to his bloodline and mere fishermen. The reason for this is because they’re the ones who followed Him and obeyed Him. These are Jesus closest relations and those of his direct bloodline were not given special treatment only those who followed Him unto the end.

If those of Christs closest relatives in His bloodline is not given special treatment why suppose you’ll get it because your father, grandfather or great-great-great-grandfather had been a person of great holiness? Unless the Lord has granted it by virtue of your ancestor’s great sacrifice in the war on evil as some great prophet you won’t receive anything. Even then, it’s never guaranteed and prophets (true ones) are so far and few between that you might as well look for a grain of rice in a bag of sand. In fact, we will be judged even harsher and risk suffering the great pains of Hell for acknowledging we were surrounded by pious relatives only to neglect following in their footsteps.

Dear readers, we all have a family tree, but unless God is at the root as our Father of all fathers, it will benefit us nothing to know who these people are and such trees bear no green leaves or fruit. Not only this but those of our ancestors and future grandchildren will suffer greatly because without a firm root (Christ) the tree will wither up and die. The birds of the air (angels) will not come to take their rest on such an abomination. The souls of all our ancestors will burn in purgatory/Hades with nobody to pray for them. One day, you will join them if you’re not careful to put things aright. Then (thanks to you and your godless life) your godless grandchildren will come to join you when it’s their time. The never-ending cycle of suffering will continue until one family member repents, is given the light of understanding by the Lord, and begins to pray for you all.

This is why harsher judgments are reserved for those who first knew their ancestors were pious and yet didn’t follow them, and secondly because their godlessness has damaged the future generations of their bloodline for sometimes up to hundreds if not thousands of years. Do you recognize the seriousness of the situation? It’s a very dangerous and careless position to put oneself in. I would like to spare you from that which is why I’ve written this post.

The Kingdom of heaven is like a great big tree with Christ at its root. The tree is often seen as the Church and the birds the laity. However, the tree can also be seen as YOU and your family ancestors. If the tree has Christ for its root and is watered with virtuous souls throughout the centuries it will give rest to the angels and all heaven rejoices. If not, then it dies and is only good for the eternal fire where it will be consumed becoming nothing more than a distant yet sorrowful memory to the Lord as did Judas.

Don’t betray your ancestors. Do not betray your future generations of children’s children. Put your life into order now and turn your life around. Don’t be sitting around waiting for the three ghosts of past, present and future to visit you for such supernatural visitations are rare. Accept my blog post and let that be enough of a visitation for you who were called by the Lord to read it.

God bless

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