Saint Michael’s Day

Strange things have been happening to me this past few weeks. What’s new really? Haha. Last week I got up on Sunday and walked around the house singing the profession of faith (Nicene Creed). I turned to my wife and said, “You know, I’m ashamed to say that for all my theological reading I don’t know the Nicene Creed off by heart.” Later that afternoon when attending Divine Liturgy the priest asked if I could sing. I said yes and so he asked me to sing the Creed in English. Afterwards he was surprised to know I could sing. Now I have to practice singing it every day and will soon know it off by heart.

This morning I arose and done something rather unusual. I took a photograph of myself beside the icon of St.Michael the Archangel. I shared it to social media wishing everyone a happy Sunday.

Upon reaching the sacristy of the Church that afternoon I overheard the two priests say that today is St.Michaels day on the Julian Calendar. I looked it up and and yes November 21st is the feast of Saint Michael celebrated by the Orthodox and Eastern Catholics.

I had no idea. St.Michael had obviously set me up by having me take that selfie with him ahead of time not knowing it was his feast. He did this so that I would know for sure he was reaching out to me.

Then just before I was to sing the Creed there was a powercut and the electric went out only for our district. I had to sing it with no microphone in a really massive Church. I had practiced all week to get it right as last week it was not perfect because I didn’t quite know the melody. All that practicing and a powercut before I sing, isn’t it terrible? It reminded me that while God is at work so is the devil also, but we don’t care for this and so I sung it anyway.

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