VIDEO: Sometimes We Are So Focused On The World We Don’t See God

Before reading it’s very important that you watch a very short video. It’s only 1min and 40secs long.

Have you watched it? Great!

Some people would have seen the Gorilla so good in their sense of awareness. The first time I saw this I had no idea the gorilla was present, that the blinds changed colour, and that one of the players left the game. I had been so focused on the task given I’d simply tuned out of the rest.

The same is very true of God. Sometimes we become so focused upon the world around us that we simply don’t see Jesus moving among the busy crowd. We’ve no time for God because we are so focused on ourselves and what we are doing to the exclusion not only of God but even Christ in other people and their needs. This can happen to dedicated Christians who become forgetful of God over time through slackness in prayer, and so gradually as they focus on all of that can lose track of God very quickly.

When we take on the new task of keeping our focus on God and pleasing Him, Grace steps in helping us to maintain the secondary. We read Jesus in the beatitudes in the Gospel telling us that if we put God first, all the things He knows we already need will be taken care of.

Returning to the content of the video above, there is an emotional outcome for both those who saw the Gorilla and did not. For those of us who didn’t see it, we laugh about it and beat ourselves up a little bit over being so unaware of what was taking place. For those who did see the Gorilla, there’s a sense of Euphoria and victory that you were able to focus on the task while also noticing all those subtle changes.

In the spiritual life, there is that sense of victory and defeat also. It’s a defeat that isn’t felt until we die and face God realizing that He was very real and someone we didn’t take notice of. And that is the world we live in today. Christ and His miracles, prophets/seers and divine punishments and merciful graces are something we are all blind to, Why? Because the focus is on this life, the pleasures of the flesh and surviving the day-to-day.

The secret is learning to shift our focus to Christ. Then, through Grace, will take care of the tasks we rely upon our own power to cater towards such as eating, sleeping, clothes and finding that dream job. When we rely upon our power we may feel like we are so focused and getting the bigger picture, but Jesus is often moving among the crowd. It’s when we realize this that we understand that we are not so powerful after all. When we lose this sense of self-reliance that’s when we get the bigger picture.

That’s it for today. Remain focused on Christ my friends.

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