Spiritual Beginners Who Pray For Pleasure

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Spiritual beginners (of which I am the first) often approach prayer for the joy they receive from the act itself. The auditory silence, the visual of the chapel/location they pick not to mention the types of prayers many of which are ordered for the gratification of the self.

If we use Prayer as a means to satisfy our desire for the pleasure we derive from engaging with it, it may look like we are working, when in fact we are doing nothing at all. It’s like the man building a road and unbeknownst to him, there’s another man behind him picking up the stones he is laying down.

That’s the devil. He’s always in there somewhere like a crow that picks up the seed the sower laid in the field. The hard work of prayer is being lost because of our selfishness and the self-serving way in which we approach it. When we pray for the love of God without self-interest ( we do this either in the form of petitions or simply to “relax”) that’s when the real relaxation and the answer to our petitions take place.

In our heads, we think we are doing great when in reality we are really not coming across to the Lord the way we should. It’s like the American Idol hopefuls who cannot sing. Inside their heads, they believe they’re singing and doing a really great job but that’s not what the judges are hearing.

We need to pray without self-interest. If you do petition Him for something make sure to give Him glory first and plenty of thanksgiving beforehand. Be sure to tell Him that if it’s in HIS interest you will get whatever you pray for. Are you annoyed when your son interrupts your prayer? Whoops! Have I got news for you! You’re doing the prayer for yourself. Christ has interrupted you and you’ve not seen Him in the form of your Son. Now, this agitation you feel means you’re doing it all out of self-interest.

When prayer stops becoming less about YOU and YOUR precious time with the Lord and more about the Lord Himself, then you’re really onto something. As spiritual beginners, we approach prayer only for self-gratification and this is a problem. People often ask me, “Why are my prayers not being answered?” I usually explain that this is why. The Lord listens to everyone, but He is usually more inclined to answer the prayers of those who approach him in a state of humility without self-interest.

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