The Six Temptations Of The Devil


There are 6 types of temptations that we need to look out for in our spiritual formation. One is from above, the second below, the third from behind, the fourth to the front, the fifth to the left, and the sixth to the right.

I often talk on this blog about the dangers of the left and the right. They’re so dangerous especially the one to the right, but the others I’ve neglected. In this post, we’ll comb through them but ever so briefly.

I’m aware that some complain my blog posts are too long, and they could be right. Quality over quantity is better, right? In this post, I’ll aim to keep it short.


This is the temptation of a desire to know that which is beyond what we already know. It is the intention to get curious about things that stretch far beyond our ability to do so. Many who attempt this end up Spiritually deluded which is the goal of the Devil.


This is failing to live out the Gospel and obedience to Gods laws. It is the temptation to remain fixated on this world by focusing upon the pleasures of the flesh as opposed to spiritual growth and attaining the Grace that comes from above.


These are reviving old memories from the past. These could be sins that are already forgiven us or the pleasurable life we once used to live. There is a tendency to get depressed over the former and lapse because of the latter. How I counter this one is to bring to remembrance how God brought me here. I ask the Lord to give me the undeserved grace of realizing how these pleasures and memories no longer serve a purpose.


These are the types of temptations present to us right now and are the most noticeable. They’re easy to spot but rather difficult to deal with. Victory depends upon the strength of our prayer life and that of Gods Grace within us to resist. The stronger the Will through prayer, the greater the ability to resist will be increased.


This one is liberalism. All types of theological heresies, lies and “isms” come from the left. They’re so destructive that they can upset the entire order of the cosmos around us. One of the greatest heresies today that has plagued the Church since Vatican II is modernist theology. Priests, theologians and laypeople who try to normalize homosexual unions, abortion, divorce and other social doctrines also fall into this category. It’s a dangerous one but they’re much easier to help than the last one.


This is the most dangerous one because it’s incredibly sneaky to the spiritual beginner. In the darkness of their ignorance, it creeps upon them. It spins them into a durable web that becomes incredibly difficult for anyone to get them out of. It’s the spirit of spiritual pride and Phariseeism. The obvious example is that of the Pharisee and the Publican but there are other forms difficult to detect. One of them would be the desire to stick to a prayer schedule. Rather than answer the door to someone in need you prefer to say your prayers instead like you always do at a particular time.

Another would be the desire for a very strict and pious lifestyle. It has the appearance of piety, the inner power of which is not present. In your head, you imagine that what you’re doing is very spiritual, but it isn’t. You’ll often find this type of spirit roaming around Latin Masses. As beautiful as Latin Masses are, unfortunately, they’ve become a den for the ultra-conservative right-wing demonic spirit. These are usually people who, having escaped the clutches of the left, were dragged over to the right where they’ll end up in an even worse condition than the previous one.


We’ve witnessed how the Devil catches us out from all angles. It is up to you to examine this list and apply it to yourself with great humility. The Holy Way requires a type of harmony being on the left or right path does not provide. It is only a narrow path of harmony in the Holy Spirit that leads us toward Christ in a most perfect way. For this reason, Pope Francis always asks us to seek out and ask for discernment.

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