Why God Allows The Storms Of Life To Make An Appearance

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

In the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John:6:16-21 the apostles encounter Jesus not being with them, a storm arising in the boat, Jesus walking on water towards them and suddenly bringing them to dry land in an instant.

There’s an incredible amount to dissect here, but I only really want to focus our attention on a few things without going too deep. Have you noticed that Jesus didn’t get in the boat and go with them? Why? So that they would feel his absence. It’s necessary we feel that absence as it makes the heart grow fonder. There’s a tendency to abuse what you’re in an abundance of. The Lord often withdraws his light of Grace from us for that very reason.

Then a storm arises which God allows. Why does God allow these storms to happen? So that the disciples might seek him out, and show his Divinity and supreme power as God. When they do it’s not long before the suffering is over and they reach dry land.

With the spiritual beginner (of which I am the first) the Lord often makes his absence felt, and then he allows that person to experience a great storm. Why does he do this? Because he wants us to seek Him out all the more. There is a need for the spiritual novice to understand that only through the power of Grace and Christ can he get through the storm. If the disciple relies upon his own efforts he’ll surely fail. Reliance on our human power rarely ever brings about a successful outcome. Self-reliance is the mother of all failure to progress spiritually.

The Lord is eager to walk on the water towards us, meaning to demonstrate His power, but for as long as we attempt to take on the storm by ourselves we may eventually reach our destination, but not as quick as if we’d first called upon the Lord. Who knows? We might successfully fight it or not so fickle is the ordinary power of man to fix the seemingly impossible.

However, we see that once the Lord approaches they reach dry land as if almost in an instant. This demonstrates how calling on God has much speedier effects when done in good faith. What does it mean to have faith in our request for Jesus to do something for us? It means to have an expectant faith without doubting. You ask for something with a sure confident expectancy that Jesus will do it for you.

If there is no storm in our lives and it’s one of only comfort there’s a danger of becoming presumptuous of Gods comforting presence and mercy. We always abuse that which we are in abundance of. As a result, there’s a tendency to become an abuser of Gods presence. By withdrawing His presence from us allowing us to experience the storm, he exhibits to us our need to call upon Him to make us more gracious for a presence we cannot always be guaranteed to continually possess in this world. He makes us work for the Kingdom. Without such hardships, we can easily become spoiled and fall of the harmonious path of union with God.

The next time a storm arises in your life don’t rely upon your own power. Call upon the Lord. Simply think of Him with expectant faith and He will appear to take you to dry land.

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