Which Dreams Come From God And Which ones From the Devil?

Dreams are mentioned in the Bible in a cautionary measure but also a positive one too. We are told not to trust in dreams and those who do trust in them often fall right away from the faith. Then in the book of acts concerning the last days, St.Peter repeating the words of the prophet Joel tells us the young prophets will have visions and the older one’s dream dreams. Who are these people? We don’t know but with regard to the young ones, it’s generally considered to be the children of Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje. The older ones would be the likes of Vassula Ryden and True life in God.

Many people have dreams, but that they come from God would be incredibly rare. Some people have a mix of dreams the minority of which come from God and others that come from the Devil. You must understand there’s a war on for your soul. The one’s that come from the devil can have a bit or a lot of mania to them and are somewhat confusing. To the inexperienced (which includes even Nuns and priests) they seem legitimate but peeling away at the layers reveals something more sinister. In these dreams, the type of mania present demonstrates there’s no peace in them, they’re troubled and so is the origin of the evil one.

You can have certain dreams where individuals who you assume to be Holy come to you, but their face is either hidden or distorted. These types of dreams are usually not from God because the Devil cannot imitate clearly the face of a Holy person or another human being because he hates all humans and has a hard time imitating them. If it’s really a vision from God there’s peace in the dream and you can clearly see that persons face it being identifiable with the actual real-life persons face you see every day. In the dream, your dead mother came to you, but it didn’t quite look like your mother, right? Not from God.

These types of dreams are allowed by God to train certain souls into discerning the difference between the Light and Darkness. To the inexperienced such dark dreams can lead them into a state of spiritual delusion because they assume it to be true and then follow the dictates of the dream only to fall into great error, sometimes mental illness and even suicide.

There are dreams which can turn out to be true, and because of this truth, the person assumes them to be from God. But the Devil often gives these types of predications in dreams only to lead the person into self-conceit. They get a high opinion of themselves and their dreams and so the devil drags them into spiritual delusion. The dream could be true and from God, if at the end of it souls are being saved or there is some sort of good end.

But dreams that are of no spiritual benefit to you or souls in purgatory (the devil would never want people in this state getting prayed for) that turn out to be true, are not from God. For example, you dreamed of buying a loaf of bread at the local supermarket at 6pm. You know the time because in your dream you saw it on the clock on the wall behind the shop assistant. The next day you go to the supermarket, buy the loaf of bread, look at the clock on the wall behind the shop assistant and notice the time, “6pm”. You become elated that your dream came true but of what benefit is it? None. In that regard, such dreams are given to you to fill you with self-importance and to believe you are holy and have some “gift”.

On the other hand, if a soul from purgatory came to you in a dream looking for a mass to be said for them, I would take that to be true, but I’d still be cautious and remind myself of my sinfulness. When that happens I wake up and say, “why me? What’s so special about me?” I’d leave some sort of room for doubt, but where’s the harm in having a mass said? The dream has some spiritual benefit to it and is not menacing therefore I’m more inclined to consider it to be of Divine origin.

Dreams can also be a reflection of what you’ve seen throughout the day or brought on by excessive eating in certain types of foods. However, it is the unconscious state where both God and the devil can enter. The demons come in either to intimidate you and stop you from praying or failing this leading you astray with false visions.

The spiritual world is a dangerous one. It’s not all a bouquet of flowers. Great discernment and a good spiritual father is required for the journey (failing this the advice of the Holy Fathers of the Desert through their writings). May the Lord preserve us from all error, false dreams and visions.

God bless

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