How To Defend Russias Invasion Of Ukraine

In recent days I’ve received texts and phone calls condemning my defence of Russia whose invasion I perceive to be the last resort at defending their country from an aggressive western world. I have likewise received praise from those both inside and outside of Russia for my standing up for Putin. I have likewise been asked questions on how to respond appropriately to those who perceive him as an aggressor. They tell me they cannot respond to people currently spitting Russian hatred.

When war breaks out, the first people to suffer are the ordinary people, not only in terms of physical casualties but psychologically and intellectually also. The elite governments know why war has broken and by using their media outlets the intellectually short-sighted peasants like you and I only get to see the tip of the iceberg. When the western elite and media have already made their mind up about Russia being the enemy of the world it’s obvious Russia will not get a fair hearing in this case.

This post is really designed to help you give a short but decently constructed response to the ordinary citizen on the ground who has bought the “Putin is another Hitler determined to invade the world” story.

In 2014 the Ukrainian president at that time was pro-Russian. Instead of signing a deal with the EU he did it with Russia and developed ties with them. This angered the pro-Europeans who organized a coup (the west sees it as a revolution of liberation) to oust this president who ran for cover to Russia. He was then replaced by a pro-European government president and comedian popular with Ukrainians. His name is “Zelenski”.

There’s a desire for Ukraine not only to join the EU but NATO also. This growing relationship would be bad for Ukraine and its neighbouring countries not only from a spiritual perspective but a political one too. For example, the expansion of the Eurozone has seen several European countries stripped of their sovereignty, ideologically colonized with secular doctrines like gay marriage, pro LGBT propaganda and stricter abortion laws not to mention Euthanasia.

Then there’s the immigration issue where the EU has used it as a weapon to breed out of Europe its Christianity and sense of national identity. I don’t have to provide proof of this because the effects of this have already been seen here in my country of Ireland. The EU elite is aggressively anti-Christian. Ukraine is culturally and historically a nation built on Christian values. If they join (or rather fall to the empire of the EU) they will through time have this bred out of them. Europe will give them economic prosperity but they expect something back as they expected back from Ireland. Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch in politics.

What do they expect from those who join them? Their sovereignty. Ireland is ruled by Pro European puppet politicians who themselves are ruled by those in Brussels. In plain language, Ireland assumes itself to be independent when really its true leaders are the EU. It has exchanged the British empire for the EU empire proving its inability to live financially independent without being part of a wider empire be it Britain or Europe.

In only 20 years we have seen Irelands Christian laws on abortion and homosexuality become rapidly dismantled. They didn’t succeed in the 1990s when we voted against abortion several times because then we were still Ireland and culturally Catholic. But as soon as they opened up the borders and introduced the races of the world to use as a weapon to breed out of Ireland its Christianity, Ireland then lost its sense of religious identity. With this in mind, the liberal EU(SSR) wasted no time with only a decade later bringing in all sorts of liberal laws and doctrines from 2010 onwards because by now the people of Ireland had been sufficiently brainwashed. We are now living in a dictatorship by a democratic vote of a people who have been brainwashed to vote the way the elite want them to do so.

Ukraine joining the EU can also spell disaster for Russia’s future economy because the EU can be used by the west as a stick to abuse Russia with. This brings me to my next point concerning NATO. If Ukraine join NATO this means that Russia would have an organization on their doorstep that openly state in their documents Russia is the enemy. Would you like to be neighbours next door to a man whom you knew was posting stuff about you on social media that you’re the enemy? Either you’d move out or failing that there’d be conflict, right? That is exactly how Russia feel. NATO claim to be a defensive measure but they’ve been used by the west to invade places like Serbia, Yugoslavia and Yemen creating unrest there. What if they do the same with Crimea?

At the dissolution of the USSR in the early 90’s NATO gave assurances to the Russians they would not expand, but they broke their word several times each time with the excuse that it was verbal and not on paper. As far as they were concerned there’s nothing on paper to suggest their word meant anything and they can have anyone they like become members. Over the years Putin demonstrated great calm and tolerance over this but it looks like Ukraine was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The deeper part of the Iceberg that nobody sees is the fact that Joe Biden and his son have financial interests in Ukraine. I don’t like conspiracy theories so when I was shown the leaked documentation I’d no choice but to accept this is what had been taking place. Ukraine is being used by western Elitists to launder their dirty money. Putin’s desire is to clean this up and stop a corrupt pro-western government in Kyiv. Let’s be honest there was nothing democratic about the coup against a validly elected president of Ukraine in 2014. And now Putin is simply going to play them at their own game by forcefully removing the existing puppet government with his own.

That’s the war we are engaged in between Western Liberals and Eastern Christian conservative nations. It’s messy but the real aggressor here is not Putin but western governments who are trying to expand their empire further east and dominate it through the use of NATO and ideologically colonize the peoples via their liberal doctrines in exchange for economic prosperity. Look at how many threats Poland and Hungary received in recent years for daring to go against European values? They were told to leave the EU and suffer economically as a result all because of the LGBT propaganda they opposed. Do you see how important these things are to the EU? If you get in with them, you’re going to have to reorganize the laws of your country to suit them or get out.

Believe me, Ukraine was playing a dangerous game toying around with the idea of joining the EU and NATO because, in the end, it backfired on them. Ukraine has now become the territory of war mostly between the West and Russia. The Western powers created snowballs for the Ukrainians to fire at Russia and then went into hiding to see what would happen. When they saw that Russia decided to invade Ukraine reacting with great hostility they ran away completely. Now the west is hiding behind the thin veil of economic support for Ukraine and useless sanctions against Russia. Will they be coming to Ukraine’s rescue militarily? NO. Ukraine is on their own and this is what they get for trusting in the EU, America and NATO.

Believe me when I say that if the Americans and EU are coming to your country all smiling and willing to do business it is most definitely not going to end in your interest. The best salesmen always come with a big sales pitch of economic prosperity but they’ve got to benefit more than you otherwise what is the point in doing business? Ask yourself why America is not sending in troops to sort out the cartel in Mexico or terror groups like BOKO haram on the African continent? Do you know why? Because there’s no MONEY in it for them. . . none. They’re only interested in sticking their noses in places they can financially benefit from.

America has done it many times but it too invaded a sovereign state in an unprovoked attack under the pretext that Iraq harboured biological chemical weapons. The troops arrived and found no weapons of mass destruction. After this, the stability of the East was never the same again with terror groups roaming here and there destroying it inch by inch. How did the world react? They all were silent in the face of an invasion largely done out of economic self-interest. Now Russia does a similar invasive strategy with evidence that there is corruption in Ukraine and they are globally condemned. Their invasion is done out of a desire to avoid a potentially and more serious Nuclear conflict with NATO should they make Ukraine a member and decide to take back Crimea.

Putin has seen how there is no appetite in the west for war in Europe and America. He witnessed the weak manner in which the Americans allowed the Taliban to take back Afghanistan in a matter of minutes. He has seen how weak and feminized the western military has become with their pro-LGBT pink soldiers. He has viewed the weak EU leadership and lack of masculinity in Europe and decided that there’s no perfect timing like now to invade Ukraine without having to worry about interference from outside powers other than sanctions.

Sanctions also do not scare Russia. The Russians have built their economy to be sanction free over the years having to endure so many of them and have calculated whether or not they can afford to do this war knowing and preparing ahead of time for severe sanctions from the west. Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of major empirical leaders around the world continue to flex their muscles but in the process flex their stupidity also. For example, we have Boris Johnston the PM of Britain complaining about the invasion of a sovereign state when he still occupies my country of Ireland. Who is he to lecture about the autonomy and freedom of a country to decide for itself when he won’t give Ireland back to the Irish?

What adds even more fuel to my frustration is the sheer neglect of common sense by the general public to see through this hypocrisy of lies from government and media (who are bought and paid for by every member state). The intellectually short-sighted pleasure-seeking working classes who get their news from papers that display naked ladies and manipulative headlines big enough for them to read but persuasive enough to brainwash them will fall for all these lies again and again.

Why? because only rich private schools get a lesson in politics and economic science, not the peasants. They’re the ones who will be serving that same liberal elites children their burger at Mc Donalds after both graduates. And that’s how the elite like it. One rule and manner of raising kids for them and their children, and another for us. And because there’s more of us they’ll do whatever they can to persuade us that we need to go to war against Russia because that’s when they need us, peasants, most, to fight the wars they started. How do they persuade us? By showing us the tip of the iceberg and with lies and propaganda.

No, Russia did not bring this war to Ukraine. Russia is acting in the last resort effort to defend its own nation from western aggression. The real aggressors are America, EU and NATO. They are the ones who brought this war to Ukrainian soil and expect the Ukrainians to fight it for them. They won’t have to send their children to fight it, they’ll use the poor Ukrainians and wait and see what happens to them first. The real friend of Ukraine is not the western powers but Russia. The west has now abandoned them but Russia will never abandon the people it shares a common ancestry with. To Russia, Ukraine is family, but to the west, they’re just another notch on the belt of their financial and ideological expansion in the world.

I invite Ukrainians to throw in the towel and end the war now. In doing so they will not be admitting defeat to Russia but by joining forces with Russia will be celebrating victory against a rich elite who are using them, turning them against a good friend of their nation who love them dearly and don’t want to fight them.

God bless Russia and Ukraine.

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