Video: Why Is Ukraine The Wests Fault?

I wanted to do my own article on why Ukraine is in the mess it is in today. However, I don’t really see the point when someone 6 years ago predicted the events of today so perfectly in a video of his own.

John MearSheimer is a political scientist from the University of Chicago. In the first 40 minutes of this lecture, he outlines perfectly how Ukraine was on the road to getting wrecked by the Russians.

There are many people committed to their country and cause on both the Russian and Ukrainian side. This talk is more or less going to benefit the opened minded fence sitter who is struggling with western media propaganda who tend to walk lock step with the western military industrial complex. After this video everything will become clearer for you, I promise.

John diagnoses the problem but also offers the solution yet sadly neither conservatives nor liberals want to listen to him.

God bless

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