Why The Western World Is Ripe For Foreign Invasion

The recent events in Ukraine have spooked the Europeans who are on edge about being invaded by Russia. I don’t believe there’s any reason to panic as what is taking place in Ukraine is not a land grab but a desire for it to change its policies in a number of areas.

Russia wants a friendly neighbour that will not be a future threat to its country. However, I haven’t come here today that I might dive into that type of topic in too much detail.

The current operation in Ukraine by Russia has made me realize that apart from the desperate measures of using nukes Europe is easy pickings for invasion. As the Banana grows ripe on the tree, Europes season for falling from the tree and rotting into the ground is not too far away.

I think a lot of westerners seem to think they’re secure in their wealth in what appears at the onset to be an unchangeable and immortal way of life. People don’t realize that cultures are born and die on average every 300 years sometimes a lot less.

During my studies of the First Crusade, The Christians took it from the Muslims almost overnight in1095 A.D. Nobody ever suspected that 92 years later it would be taken back by the Muslims. That’s quite a long time to hold onto any type of land come to think of it.

With many wars taking place around the world, we see a similar pattern with communism in Russia lasting even less since its birth in 1917. America also forgets they’re not that old either going back only around 200 years or more.

The point I’m making is that things can and do change very rapidly. As in the case with communism, such transitional movement of power can materialize itself from the people within who topple their government, or as in the case with Ukraine, a neighbouring force outside of its borders takes over.

When put into greater perspective our English speaking nations are never too far from immediate change. Either this change will come about from its existing population or via an invasion of foreign forces. What happened was Ireland’s liberation from one of the world’s largest empires all began with a very small group of about 100 rebels.

Their actions were frowned upon by their own Irish people. However, bit by bit this mall group gained popularity and through time had the backing of the entire country, something that certainly helps in winning any war. My point of support from one’s people has proven through America’s loss of the Vietnamese war thanks to all the lefties at home protesting it. It’s why I believe Putin is arresting protestors because he has learned from America’s mistake.

At other times it’s a foreign invasion of a large number of men that has to get the job done and remove the corrupt regime. In whatever form it comes, it is never by the general public who are often too helpless and lethargic to lift a finger. Especially in today’s society like the Romans, the people have been fed with too much monetary aid and comfort from the state. Being given money means no revolution which is why with recent gas hikes they’re handing out every citizen money to cope with the bills. No money means anger and revolution, see?

Irish people have been multicultured and are having their Christianity and national identity slowly bred out of them. They’ve gone from hard men to soft and feminized in nature too gender-confused to care who takes over them. Jack Sparrow’s dodgy compass in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean is far more reliable than Europes moral one.

Ireland and indeed Europe no longer has the desire to defend what it can no longer relate to or identify with. Yes, Ireland will be celebrating all things Irish on St. Patrick’s day tomorrow, but will those same number of people giving us a little jig on the fiddle be willing to die for their country? In this existing political, spiritual and psychological climate I highly doubt it.

The truth is the Irish no longer care for who they are. The intellectually short-sighted peasants of today couldn’t care less about who their ancestors were nor can they be bothered to check in on their great grandmother. Why would they? If there’s no God above and this life is all about seeking out the short-lived pleasures of the flesh, why should they even care for those long dead and gone? Who cares for the future generations when politicians just live in the moment? Like thieves in a Jewelry store, they smash the glass casing and fill their pockets with as many diamonds as they can. They don’t care who else gets hurt as long as they’ve had their fill and made their retirement fund.

Children are growing up in a country like Ireland where they cannot see the point in defending it. As long as there’s plenty of welfare, money and free stuff being thrown at them by their overlords in the EU(SSR), they couldn’t care less who rules them. The Scottish are like this too. They couldn’t give a monkey’s about romanticizing the thought of “freedom”. As long as England keep throwing money at them they’ll remain in the United Kingdom and under their thumb. I observed how every time Scotland asked for freedom throughout history all London had to do was give them more gold and home rule to shut them up.

In the end, money, comfort and a government permissible of all things ungodly that caters to our most basic of instincts matter more than God and country. Our Freedom will be sold to the highest bidder whether it be the EU or some other nation as long as the new rulers are tolerant of our debauchery.

I’m convinced that the Irish are so far removed from who they are that if we fell on bad terms with the EU we’d happily rejoin the United Kingdom if it meant getting a loaf of bread from somewhere.

In the times of the great Irish famine, Irish people would convert to Protestantism just to fill their bellies with a bowl of soup. Today, they’re doing much the same thing and willing to convert to all sorts of ungodliness if it means filling their bellies with pleasure.

We Irish think we are free, but we simply exchanged the British empire for the European one. When we got our freedom from Britain we starved as a result because the economy suffered greatly when the British left. What did we do? We accepted the deal the British offered us of home rule only this time with the European empire rather than the British model.

Yes, Ireland thinks they’re free people when all we’ve got is the home rule and a parliament filled with EU puppets who obey their masters in the new London that is Brussells. It makes you wonder what these rebels died for exactly?

Europe is very much like Ireland. Every country in Europe has been turned into a bastard without a father. They couldn’t care less about their ancestry and are moving into a very lethargic feminized state reminiscent of the fall of Rome which was invaded by a much more masculine tribe known as the barbarians.

Today, this feminized and gender-confused western culture is being surrounded by a very masculine one who knows exactly who they are and where they come from. They are beginning to form a mass around people through economic, cyber and military warfare.

Much like its Roman ancestors that fell to the Barbarians Europe no longer as an appetite for war. It’s too comfortable and preoccupied with the short-lived pleasures of the flesh to care about being invaded. “Invade us, yes, but all we ask in return is that you allow us to hold onto our filthy way of life” is the new mantra of the West today. Go ahead and prove me wrong.

One thought on “Why The Western World Is Ripe For Foreign Invasion

  1. Like perhaps you, I believe in the values to a nation such as your identity to it or faiths you can keep. Some speculate that Rome fell because of the barbarians that were an external threat, while others claim it fell because of the internal conflicts such as the incessant infighting that was occurring. I believe it to be the latter. I believe that because humanity only ever divides out of a lost focus on a fixed, universal identity. Whether that would be our national identity or the current idea that we no longer need to be simply male or female, as we can be both, the other when we want, or something completely different.

    There is division in the United States, what with its comfort and ease. Its division seems to be, more or less, readily accepted by the country’s people as though an inferno is being lit under our asses and no one cares to put it out. I say that our divisions are being accepted, because the notion of “diversity” is widely praised and even promoted.

    We are perhaps focusing more on race, genders, and all other factors of identity more than ever, over what I referenced as a fixed, universal one. That division takes place upon what is viewed externally, despite our humanity always being an inward space. If the world views the United States as a wide variety of colors, then it is only because we are all afraid of what is being covered up. As in, we do not want to view what is in the dark, having convinced ourselves that we are letting all the colors out into the light.

    The thing is, despite how much comfort and ease the US enjoys, no citizen of that nation understands that the progress towards betterment is a gradual degrade towards an accepted dystopia. The West believe it is the best. The West believes it is bettering the world. Dystopias form out of a belief in a utopia, because what is not seen, that is in the dark, is what the average Progressive mindset states we have gotten rid of. As in, progress is something that wishes to desert our old, brutal selves, citing it as “primitive”. What ends up causing a dystopia to occur is when what is in the dark, our “old, brutal selves” starts operating in the shadows. That is where the promotion of acceptance, in terms of what we state through all those colors, begins to occur. It’s that in ignoring what is still existing of ourselves, we are accepting the worst we can do to people, in the belief it is the best.

    The LGBTQ+ community is what I say to be what epitomizes these arranged colors, of those that are blinded to the dark, and also do not seem to see the threat of internal conflict. Internal conflict, being those shades in the darkness, the old self of us believed to be erased or a thing of the past, and of what is now wanted to be viewed externally because it’s better for the sake of “diversity”.

    The transgender states that what is internal of themselves is now external. It’s that they’ve shown to the world “who they really are”, despite how their darkness is simply being accepted as what is best for them, even though it is the worst for everyone.

    Putin’s brutality is dark, though very much alive in all corners of this human-inhabited planet. The only way the West differs from a more direct, honest approach is that we accept the darkness in what we teach, though cannot accept nor tolerate the honesty bound up within those old, brutal ways the common Progressive rejects.


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