The Spiritual War Between Russia And The West Nobody Told You About

The light of Christianity has depleted in the west and it lives in the darkness of the new world order. The philosophical elite in their ivory towers has orchestrated the complete removal of Christianity to turn it into nothing more than a relic from the past. The Neo-Conservatives are now desperate to spread this disease under the guise of democracy and freedom to the eastern part of the world using its ungodly alliance “NATO” to achieve its end goal.

Ukraine is one such country it seeks to devour. While everyone is talking about the geopolitical reasons for Russia’s standoff with the west being NATOs expansion at the root of it, nobody is discussing the spiritual war. It’s a war invisible even to the leaders that wage the war between one another.

Those of us with ears to hear are not blind to what happens when the U.S, NATO and the EU get their foot across the border of another country. Once in they set about trying to ideologically colonize the country using money. After all, that is how a good business operates. I give you something, you give me something in return, right? But the EU has more than financial returns in its sights. It wants to set about dechristianizing a nation through its ungodly social doctrines, LGBT being one of them. Take a look at the pressure it has put on Hungary and Poland over the years for not complying with this gender ideology (confusology).

Ukraine is no different. In fact, because they hate Russia so much and see it as the last Christian stronghold in the world they would love nothing more than to topple this so-called Putin dictatorship. How does one achieve this? By attacking it through Ukraine. The Nazi’s main launch of attack into Russia came through Ukraine and the Azov sea.

Let us take a look at the timeline of Russia’s spiritual demise but also her revival. In 1905 Saint John of Kronstadt (Russian Orthodox Saint) prophesied that the existing reigning Tsar would be murdered and replaced with self rulers who will shed lots of blood. It happened as he said it would. 1917 the revolution began and the Tsar and his entire family were murdered. Communism rose and much blood was shed.

1917 was also the year of the children of Fatima’s visions where Our Lady said to the children that Russia must be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pope John Paul II did this in 1984 and 7 years later (note the significance of the theological number 7) Communism fell in Russia in 1991. Between 1984 and 1991 another prophecy was given to Vassula Ryden in the True Life In God messages in 1989 that communism would fall in Russia. When communism fell Russia saw a major spiritual revival and is now one of the most Christian nations on the planet.

At present, most prophecies on Russia seem to come from True Life In God. Some of these prophecies on Russia spoke about how it will rise to be a great nation and put to shame all the others that live in darkness. The most recent one was 2014 shortly after the coup in Ukraine. I have highlighted parts of the message in bold that I found interesting that indicate the war in Ukraine today.

In every square there will be lamentations

July 29, 2014

When the silence of death laid over all,
overshadowing this earth,
down from the Heavens, from the Royal throne,
leapt Your all-powerful Word,
to raise once more a holy people;

great too will be those,
that had in the past obliterated Your Name,
they will rebuild Your House that laid in ruins
and will erect Your Name in banners as Holy of Holies;

My love; yes, My Name will be held high and Holy; they 1 still remember the events of their evil conduct, and deservedly they suffered for their crimes, for I, God, knew what they would do; hear Me: the same act with which I took vengeance on their conduct, the same punishment will be struck on the incredulous nation of your times; into a heart of a once doomed land, I descended; so do not be astonished, have I not foretold you that I will achieve My plans in her 2? it is a trifle for My Power to make a wretched man holy; I am known to make all things new; I have the Power to bring My blessing to flower;

allow Me to speak through your mouth and do not fear; lo tedhal; My magnificent works in that nation3 are not yet accomplished; I tell you: I will give them Knowledge to establish My Name where My Name is repelled; I am known, Vassiliki, to have thrown down rulers and thrones, proud men, godless and pervert nations, that pour forth filth; today I hear from the godless nations: ‘I am god, and am self-sufficient;’ and they glare at the faithful, gloating! what will you achieve without Me when you fill the universe with death? I will hurl you down, where all the corpses lie, chased by your own sins; I tell you, the man who hates My divine Law, My precepts and My Commandments, yet hypocritically shows observance, will regret the day he was born;

daughter, I had given in the past an oath, to raise My daughter, Russia, into a glorious nation and so I have; this is only the beginning; amid storms and hurricanes, I will come, and in every square there will be lamentations: that day all the inhabitants of the world that are now rejoicing in their apostasy, will be mourning their dead; a blessing on anyone who puts his trust in Me; daughter, enjoy My Presence  ic

1 Russia

2 Russia

3 Russia

I thought it was interesting that President Zelensky of Ukraine recently spoke about how he will change the name of every square in Ukraine to “Freedom square”. When I look at the title of this message about lamentations being in every square it was difficult not to make a connection.

This message was written 8 years ago when the coup began and the U.S and NATO began working on destroying this nation. It seems to me having read the last few paragraphs of the message that the only way the darkness of the west will be cleansed will come through a war. But the Lord through the Russian bear has stepped in and put a stop to these freemasons and all-around ungodly elite at getting their hands on the people of Ukraine and Russia.

People are baffled at how those of the west are so angry at Russia are not sharing the same hatred for Israel with Palestine or Saudi Arabia with Yemen who are murdering far more civilians. They find it bizarre the level of attention and hatred Russia is getting over this. The reason for it I tell you is demonic. They’re incapable of seeing the darkness behind all of it due to the blindness of the invisible world of darkness that surrounds them.

Ukraine is suffering today what the Jewish suffered under the Babylonians 5000 years ago. Ukraine has sinned by abandoning its roots and faith to join forces with the ungodly west. Now, they’ve been invaded by a foreign force for their sins and suffering the consequences of those actions.

My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine and although war is a bad thing, I’m relieved something is being done about the corruption in their country. Ukraine was a ticking time bomb ready to explode with all that talk about joining NATO and becoming a nuclear-capable country. The neo-Nazi element that was destroying the people of Donbas had to be responded to. This talk of joining NATO combined with a nazi infiltrated government that hated Russia could not be allowed to simmer for fear of a greater global conflict.

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