Violent Entertainment Not A Thing Of The Past

We tend to assume that the days of the violent Coliseum in which we gathered to be entertained by getting a glimpse at real violence is over. However, the Ukraine-Russia war in which the mainstream media are drooling over exhibiting a desire for world war III with their no-fly zone rhetoric points to a culture that has never lost the lust to be entertained by violence. High ranking officials take to their Twitter accounts to celebrate the downing of Russian helicopters as if it’s some sort of Hollywood movie and a great spectacle.

During the times of the second world war throughout which my grandfather fought children and teenagers who could be sheltered from the horrors of war were more readily capable of maintaining their level of innocence. In 2022 the same cannot be said as the birth of social media has increased and fed the wolf within us that hungers after a violent vision of what is taking place.

Is there any benefit to it? perhaps some might argue it’s a good way of showing those who have had the wool pulled over their eyes by the mainstream media wolves the truth of what is really taking place. I remember during the pro-life campaign how necessary it was for people to see the contorted bodies of little babies as they were pulled from the womb having their little skulls crushed all stemming from the self-desire of a woman not to have a child.

I recall having to rub people’s noses in the violence of it all to get them to wake up. For some, it worked while for others their immersion in the darkness of a stubborn pride made conversion almost impossible. It made them uncomfortable and so it should. The images made me uncomfortable too and I avoid them at all costs.

Therefore the line between using violent imagery to convert people to the truth and finding it to be a bit of entertainment is a fine one indeed. There is of course always the danger present of finding violence to be a form of entertainment and this behaviour is prevalent throughout social media today mostly being encouraged by mainstream news outlets who hate to admit that war is great for their careers. Sifting through the darkness without the light of common sense can only make bumping into the flames of Hell that little bit easier, right?

Whatever way we report on unjust violence unless we use it toward the end goal of preventing man from committing it again does it ever really serve a purpose? One thing we can most certainly be assured of is to say that the days of being entertained by violence have never come to an end nor does it look likely to relinquish its flame in my lifetime. Then again, I have to admit that Jesus Christ is full of surprises so who knows what may happen?

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