Why Women Should Not Be In A Position Of Leadership

EU president Ursula Von Der Leyen

I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to do this post for quite some time. The reason is that society is so far down the rabbit hole of feminism I don’t expect it to be received well. Any attempt to offer an alternative view will be met with sharp criticism from others as being someone who hates women when the entire opposite is true.

What I’m doing here is citing a psychological reality that has existed since the dawn of mankind, a reality which up until 100 years ago gradually eroded into what we have today. Men and women both have the psychological make-up that makes neither of them a good fit for many roles in society. There are roles that women play that men can adopt and vice versa, and while there are many exceptions to the rule men and women should always obey the make-up of who they are.

The reason why women should not be in a position of leadership is that they tend to make decisions based on their emotions. Androgynous men who adopt feminine qualities contrary to their genetic self can also end up doing the same. Women are very emotional beings which is why they like Romantic novels as opposed to watching pornography. A woman is more easily wooed through a dating process that involves appealing to her emotional side before she moves to sexual contact whereas all men have to see is a naked woman and that’ll be good enough for them.

Men tend to lean more on logic than their emotions which is why as a salesman I had an easier time selling to women than men. With women, all you had to do was beg them to buy from you because you’re poor and have five kids to feed and they’d buy from you. But men didn’t buy into the emotional blackmail and so you’d have to simply scrap that approach and try to be logical with them to get them purchasing whatever it is you’re pedalling.

I can see why 100 years ago or more before women could vote why they were not allowed to vote. Many people look back and think that such behaviour was an attempt to treat women as second class citizens or even sub-human to men who could cast their vote freely. However, knowing that women were easily manipulated by politicians and risk making poor decisions based on their emotions as opposed to logic, a government run by men decided it was not a good idea for the stability of society.

That’s very dangerous talk, isn’t it? I’m so brainwashed by the liberal rhetoric I grew up in that I’m having a hard time accepting it myself so powerful is the mind. I almost feel like a chauvinistic member of the Taliban even mentioning it, and yet I cannot ignore the psychological truth often buried for fear of looking like a member of Islam. Islam of course has taken their treatment of women to an unholy and sinful extreme to which I absolutely distance myself. It’s not like society over 100 years ago thought men are better than women, only to say that, “You’re good at performing these tasks. Here is how you think and how we think so let’s develop a society in which the balance of both is played out”.

When it came to employment, I had an easier time with a woman interviewing me than a man. All I had to do was appeal to my emotions which would greatly increase my chances of getting a job. It’s a tool I’m sorry to say I use to my advantage and many other men if they were to admit it do similar.

When you put a woman in leadership or in close proximity to it such as a politician society will simply take an absolute nosedive and she makes really bad decisions depending upon how she’s feeling regardless of what the right logical thing is to do. remember, what I said before is that there are always exceptions to the rule but when pointed out such are always in the minority.

Ursula Von Der Leyen, president of the EU is one such example of poor leadership in the female form. The Ukraine and Russian Crisis is very emotional for her to the point where she’s willing to sanction Russia to the extent that she’s cutting off the economical branch she sits upon taking Europe into a deep recession to express her outrage.

Her behaviour is supported by the now feminised men around her like German chancellor Olaf Scholz. When I watched Ursula stand with President Joe Biden I witnessed her body language. She was doing lots of soothing behaviour like squeezing her hand to relieve tension and stress. When she spoke the very rigid manner in which she pronounced the name of Russian President Putin was not lost on me at all. This is very emotional for her and now she’s buying gas from America at 4 times the price she’d get it from Russia.

She has no LNG terminals to store the gas and these take years to build. America is also only capable of giving her 10% of the already 45% of Gas she receives from Russia. It’s such a mess but it’s a mess that has come about through her very heightened emotional state in which there seems to be no return.

The economic mess the west developed can largely be pinned upon a weak female political leadership accompanied by an androgynous male liberal counterpart lacking the ability to see reason. It’s not the only reason why it’s taking place but it is one culprit among many. When it comes to men and women, respecting one another’s psychological boundaries and genetic make-up is extremely important for the stability of the global peace and economy.

Even though Joe Biden is in Office, it’s the women around him like his vice president Kamila Harris and people like Nancy Pelosi that are running the show. President Biden has a nice calm demeanour that Trump was lacking and he was incredibly rude to everyone. But Trump is the masculine businessman approach. He is full of logic and the country of America ran great under his watch. If only America could get a president with the calm professional demeanour of Biden and the logic of Trump it would be doing well, huh? Right.

The world is in a very dark place right now and feminism is the one screw that has been taken from the wheel of stability that will eventually see the world crash. It’s hard to say that and still make friends especially of the female kind but someone (man or woman) has to come out and say it regardless of how small the voice may be.

3 thoughts on “Why Women Should Not Be In A Position Of Leadership

  1. Eye for an eye, bullying is malevolants! I can guarantee that every, liberal free speaker, would be curled up under the covers!

    Matriarchal society, format chaos by the balance most of society would fail to fit into the basic requirements, if the I level was algorithm set for aiming or derogatory speech on phones or technology!

    Gender has nothing to do with running the world, balance, knowledge and power! Setting the world to the books and structures they sit in, but only to take out those who negatively focus across society!


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