How To Suffer Financial Hardship And Still Be Happy

In the political arena lately, we have seen both east and west sanction one another. It is of course a tool developed by the United States Of America and then adopted by its satellite nations and continents like Europe to hound its enemy into submission. They did it to Venezuela who was treading rubbish dumps and eating their own family pets to survive. Now that they’ve no oil because of what happened with Russia and Saudi are ignoring them the good ole U.S.A are back at their doorstep looking for oil.

A woman told me of how her parents cut her off completely as a means to gain control. They use the money to control her every move. If she steps out of line, they’ll cut off all contact and allowances. Therefore it happens even on a domestic level.

The power game is played right across the globe and it’s a result of original sin whereby the person desires his own way above that of everyone else’s. But the idea that neither party are scared or that they sleep soundly at night is not true. I told this lady that they’re scared too, scared they’ll never see you or your children again in whatever miserable years they’ve left.

They think in their heads you can’t live without luxury and that you’ll give in, but you need to learn how to do it because one day they’ll be dead and whatever son they hand over the reins to if he is harsh will see you as nothing but an unnecessary expense to be discarded of. With that in mind, I’m having to train her now to go without.

When Russia is sanctioned by the U.S Putin has to put on a brave face and pretend he doesn’t care, but he does. It’s the same with the people doing the sanctioning, they’re scared too. Understanding just this can give you the upper hand in any political war of sanctions which is why I believe Russia will win that sanctioning war.

I have examined the culture and people of Russia. In Russia, they do not care for the same luxuries we do in the west. And for all the bad times they’ve had through communism and constantly being sanctioned by the west in the last 30 years, it was in these terrible years that they developed souls made of steel. The good that came out of the bad when it comes to communism is that it taught them how to live on absolutely nothing at all.

I believe a person like this can win in life no matter what the cost. They could be living on plenty of bread one minute and nothing the next and yet still be happy and be winning. Truly, to live like a King is to be happy no matter the outcome. I believe Russia have this and the Irish had it (past tense) too. We ourselves lived in absolute hunger and poverty for many years following the Irish revolution but since joining the EU(SSR) we’ve been spoiled and so lost the art of how to live on nothing.

I remember having to make red sauce sandwiches we were that hungry as children. I recall sleeping on mattresses on the floor with groups of polish people in -11 Celsius temperatures with no heating and a black bag for a window. I recall the time I would heat the kettle at night, wrap it in a towel and hug it to keep warm.

One night a Hungarian friend of mine came back from London with a giant fish and all the Polish pounced on me when I presented it to them they were that hungry. We cooked it on a one hob system as there was no cooker and I remember the love and laughter between all of us.

Therefore when people present me with the opportunity to live on nothing, it doesn’t phase me. Don’t get me wrong, if you presented me with the opportunity to live in luxury I wouldn’t say no and certainly not to a check for a million dollars. All I am saying is that the secret to life is not to be ambitious for a life free of financial worry but to be capable to live without all of it and enduring financial hardship. You see, there are riches and then there are actual riches. Nothing beats a soul that is shabby on the outside, but golden within.

The problem with the lady I referenced earlier in this video is that she’s had it so good all her life and doesn’t know what it’s like to go without or struggle. But if she learns how to live on nothing and deal with communication blackout with her parents, she’ll come out the winner. That’s what will happen in Russia, and in fact, their ruble has bounced right back up again to pre-war levels. They’re coming out the winner here and all the EU are doing is sanctioning and hurting themselves for no reason. Same on a domestic level with her parents.

Let go of your attachment to luxury and a good life, and you will always come out of the other side of the sewage pipe clean and free. I know most people who are so institutionalized to being homeless that when people try to house them they return to the street again because it’s all they know. They’re so detached from the luxury that unlike me they won’t even take that check for a million dollars. That’s the level of strength the Russian people have and I know they’ll come out clean as would anyone who have learned how to harness living the poor life.

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