I Might Ditch The Car For The Bike

Me on my bike

Let me be straight up with you which is to say while I agree the climate is changing I don’t believe it is man made. Do I believe man’s impact on the planet is the cause of many problems for the earth and a sin? Yes.

However, when it comes to adopting green ideas and policies of the over privileged left who have nothing else to worship in their lives I’ll only do it if it saves money and benefits me in the short to long term.

Recently I’ve begun to seriously rethink my entire way of commuting to and from town even with a wife and two kids. I’ve been looking at these electric cargo bikes and I’m almost won over. Even with the savings I would make on the traditional bike I have owned since I was 23 years of age I would be making a huge saving.

I have timed everything as far as length of journey goes in a car versus bicycle. It takes 10 minutes to get into my town and 20 minutes on a bike. What’s an extra 10 minutes? What’s the rush? I’ve thought about the necessity to drive to those exotic places for a few hours and my local bike mechanic suggested car sharing. Car sharing is this new pay as you go driving.

Today I broke it down and on my weekly consumption of 60 euros a week on petrol, I would be saving a whopping 3120 euros a year. Insurance, Motor Tax, NCT and changing out tyres and brake pads every few years I would be saving altogether 5000 euros per year. Furthermore the amount of exercise I would be getting and fat I’d be burning is also another selling point.

You take the car and rent it for 10 euro an hour. You get your first 50km free after which you pay 0.50 cents per km. You can book whatever car suits your needs. Yes there are pros and cons to it such as the cars not being clean or maintained properly, but it’s better than nothing at all.

With car sharing I don’t have to worry about the insurance or motor tax. It’s basically an affordable taxi service.

Yeah, I’m liking this idea but it’s convincing my wife to make the jump. There are pros and cons to everything in life, it’s whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice the luxuries to make a great saving that matters most.

The great thing about the traditional bike is that it cost me 450 euros 15 years ago and as long as I maintain it I have it for life. A car will last you 10 years and the expense of maintaining it along with Petrol and every other insurance and tax under the sun isn’t worth the bother.

My kids have come everywhere with me on their bikes in the past month. Where normally we would take the car to get that KFC or scenic ride by the beach we’ve taken our bikes. The Car has basically sat at the door and I’ve not been paying the petrol for it. The only thing that’s irritating me now is paying tax and insurance for something I don’t ride. To do the weekly shop I still need it but I’ve a plan to buy a trailer for the bike and that will mean no need for the car at all.

There’s only one person left in my house who doesn’t have a bike and that’s my wife. Will she start to give in and get herself a bike? I hope she joins the new rebellion soon and we can all go on that long awaited holiday to Italy next year.

Arrivederci 😉

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