The Best Inheritance You Can Give Your Children

I’m not in any position to leave behind my kids anything of any monetary value. I began to ruminate this one today having listened to someone else talk about a quarrel with siblings they had over one house they inherited from their parents.

Anything you can leave behind for your kids is wonderful but what have I got to leave behind? I heard the Lord say, “The best inheritance you can leave them is a life in Me”.

For the Lord, the physical world means nothing to Him for He is spiritual. When he was on earth he spoke about worldly things and used them to help lift our minds away from the importance we showed towards the physical world and maintain focus on the eternal one. We see this played out in parables like that of the Prodigal son and the workers in the vineyard. Both of these stories use the important things of this world to lift our minds to the next.

At the moment I’m in the process of studying for mental health nursing and forming a career. There’s a lot of worry surrounding it and securing the place, passing the assessment tests and getting the grant for it.

However, although Jesus understands the importance of surviving the physical world he doesn’t judge us by our efforts here. The beggar at the door and the rich man with many college degrees are not going to be admitted to heaven based upon their resume/C.V. Jesus is not going to read you your Resume or the items you passed onto your kids (unless you had it and were uncharitable towards your children).

When you do have it it’s the love with which you left it behind that you’re judged upon. In fact, it’s the riches of charity that will see you being admitted or denied entry.

Assuming I heard correctly, Our Lord wants us to give our children something much greater which is to say an education in Him and a life in Christ. To leave behind for them an example of how we should love God and our neighbour affording them the ability to work out their eternal salvation is the ultimate inheritance.

The house, money and the your favourite armchair are all nice things to leave behind if you have it to give, but they’re of no real value to the recipient except for the life they must live here which like yours is a mere puff of wind. What is a man’s life but 70 years if he’s lucky and 90 if God is being gracious only to give him enough time to save his soul thanks to the prayers of the Church and his relatives?

I’ve never understood stingy uncharitable old men and I’ve met many. Sometimes the ego and whatever traditional mindset a man has adopted remains with him until the grave. At that age most men are trying to make peace with the Lord, I know that if I’m given the unfortunate cross of Old age to carry that’s what I would be doing.

Many of us fumble through life in our rigid various mindsets dragging God down to our human way of thinking assuming he agrees with our philosophy on life. It is only when we die and are confronted by the Lord as either our friend or an angry Judge do we realise just how wrong we were.

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