Why are Priests Clinging To Meditation and Breathing?

I’m not writing this to discuss why it’s wrong. Been there done that.

I’m writing this post to try and understand the why.

Any priest I meet engaging in this behaviour seems to be old. The younger ones have dropped it.

Some priests are clinging to the idea that by using mindfulness and turning it into something that includes Christ they’re helping divert people from developing an attraction to Eastern Gurus and philosophies.

That’s how the meditation movement began in the Church. The Catholic Church looks at what is relevant and uses that secular imagery people are used to in order to convert them by including Jesus in the mix of it.

Sometimes it’s successful and sometimes not. Sometimes they mix the poison of heretical language from Eastern religions with the honey of Christs teaching. Either way its not cool anymore.

I don’t like the whole breathing thing and only recognise its physical benefits but there are no spiritual.

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