Could You Live Without Money For One Year?

I had been cleaning out the shed when I came across a book I had bought in 2008. I had no plans to become money-less but curious as to how someone else could do it. I was also looking to cut my cost of living and save some money, so quite the opposite to this man whose desire was to save the planet.

I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say I don’t care too much about climate change. I don’t believe that it changing is the result of our carbon footprint but a natural occurrence. I’m more concerned with how we treat the planet and all that plastics in our oceans. I do believe that the whole cosmos reacts when we treat it badly but the climate changing isn’t one of those reactions.

I don’t like pollution either and the significant impact it has on our health. All of it is damaging the planet we live on and our behaviour towards Earth need to change.

This is why the man’s book makes sense to me. He lives with no car, no electricity, no running water etc…crazy isn’t it? Well, he’s certainly reduced his smokey footprint no doubt.

I believe that in order to live like this we must be totally detached from luxurious living. We need to learn how to live with and without money because without such a skill we will die because the belief that we must have money to survive is programmed into each and every one of us.

There is the story of a man belonging to a tribe in the rainforest. Tradition is that if you upset the community you will be banished to sit under a certain type of tree and die. So the man sat under the tree and believed he would die and so he did.

Do you see how programmed he had been? Me and you might be sad about being banished from the community and suffer a little depression but we wouldn’t die would we? Well, this man actually died the brainwashing was so strong.

We are no different. The world programmes us to get upset when faced with the prospect of being poor and so we get upset when that happens. The programming is so strong. But to live like a king is to possess the riches of happiness in all situations we find ourselves in.

Therefore to live without money and luxury is a life skill as is to learn how to live with it and not abuse the riches one has or allow the weight of Gold to drag one’s soul to Hell.

I must admit cutting luxuries for me is easy. I don’t care for videogames, Netflix or TV in general. I can turn it on and off. I’m quite a boring person who doesn’t drink, go for nights out or even to local coffee shops.

I can turn on and off drink when I want to same with smoking. I’m not a luxurious person at all and I’ve no idea why I’m this boring.

My wife on the other hand is the total opposite. She grew up in money so can’t live without it. Getting rid of TV, car and luxurious entertainment subscriptions is a big NO…NO

Well, I’ve begun to take things down a peg or two and opt for major inconvenience if it means I’ve money saved or will be ready for that Zombie apocalypse when it does finally arrive. There are material riches and then there’s mental and soulful riches. If you can master the latter then you’ll be capable of mastering being with or without the former. Like a good survival expert, you’ll be ready for any sort of finaicial weather be it blue skies or rainy days.

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