No Longer Part Of the Ambitious Hustle

This morning I saw someone offering front row tickets to Joanne McNally in Dublins major venue tonight.

I thought to myself, “who is Joanne McNally?” I hadn’t a clue. When I stopped music in 2008 the only names I remember around at that time stuck with me. But ever since I became more Christian I began to retreat more from the world despite the fact I lived in it.

No Public TV at all, I simply don’t have it. I’m not one for news that doesn’t interest me so I don’t follow popular culture and it cannot be hoisted upon me.

When a news piece pops up about the secular culture announcing one of its saints had a baby I’ve no idea who she is. I’m so disconnected I’ve no idea who anybody is anymore.

I once was a part of the ambitious hustle but I removed myself from it and while it hasn’t cured me of anxiety it certainly reduced it. I was close to the top and just when I was about to get a taste of it the Lord plucked me out of the rat race for some other purpose one that only people will understand when see each other in the next life.

As a man sleeps, he dreams it is all real. He has no idea he is in a dream until he awakens. It is the same with dying. Many of us don’t realise that gold and success we chase in this life and this life in general isn’t the real one.

We go around thinking this is the only life there is so let’s get the most money and pleasure we can out of it. All of us fall for it because this is a fallen world. I’ve seen priests fall head long into the money trap which is why there’s so much corruption at the Vatican bank.

Ambition is good until you become its slave. Money is a necessary evil until you become its sole servant. A man who understands these things for what they are and that power is a mere illusion brought to an end with one’s death either prematurely or with old age is on his way to the Kingdom.

It is not until we take a step back from the hustle and observe it from the height of God’s grace do we begin to see it for what it really is. Our attention is then drawn from it to the eternal and that’s how the process of conversion begins by questioning and becoming disillusioned with this life we found ourselves in.

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