I Don’t Like America

As an outsider looking in from Ireland, I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t like American culture. I like the America of the 1950’s but whatever it has turned into today I lack all admiration for. I find that any country where Protestantism has taken root to be too individualistic giving too much emphasis on ones immediate family and that everyone outside that framework mean nothing.

There’s loads of countries I don’t like and at the top of the list is America for sure. There are others like Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Britain (especially Scotland and England) and those Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Another country I dislike even though it’s a majority of Catholics is Poland. I honestly would be reluctant to do business with people from any of these countries. America is basically all these countries but on steroids.

The funny thing is that America was basically built by the Germans and Scandinavian populations always being protestant in its ethics. In America work equals salvation, sports and money rules the day. Everyone is out for themselves and they don’t like the thought of having to put money towards anyone else’s medical bills via taxes.

One thing that does separate the old Germanic countries from America is their politics. In Ireland and a lot of Europe, everyone pays a tax to help with the medical bills of others. In Britain they view themselves as a tribe and family. Rich or poor everyone gets their medical treatment without insurance. They all throw their money in the pot from their hard days work and agree to put that towards the medical of all saint or sinner.

America says, “No, I worked for that money and I’ll pay my own medical bills thank you very much and not that of another person. Why should a portion of my hard days work go towards some strangers band aid?” This attitude has led America down the individualistic path whereby they view themselves and their immediate family as the sole beneficiaries of their hard earned cash. Their society is less familial in the larger sense of the term and more about the self.

Some Americans are worse than others with the Jews being top of the list. I would never do business with an American Jew because these guys would shoot their own brother to succeed. Don’t get me wrong there are many pros and cons to every countries politics. When asked what political view I take I say none and that I only every strive to look at the world through the lens of my Christian faith. I’m aware that nothing is more perfect than the Gospel and that while Capitalism and Socialist democracies are a force in the world both have their strengths and weaknesses to the point where neither are suitable for a stable society yet here we are.

America is just a bad country and if you’re mentally ill and can’t keep up with the rat race, you’re going to die. The same cannot be said in countries where mentally unwell people are taken care of by everyone through taxes and not wheeled out of a hospital door and left to sit on the side of the street because they can’t pay their hospital bill or have zero insurance.

I once had a family friend who visited America. He was attacked on the street and the ambulance came to pick him up. No hospital would treat him because he’d no medical insurance number. After visiting three or four hospitals all giving the same response the paramedics got tired of it and gave him a fake number. He got treated but he came home to Ireland and never paid the bill.

I couldn’t live in a society like this unless I was part of the 1% of rich folk living there. You definitely need money to survive that country. It has a protestant cultural mindset that I’m incapable of wrapping my head around and would never be able to adhere to. The Catholics there behave like protestants that’s just how embedded into the DNA of all Americans this sickness goes be they of any religion.

My sister disagreed with me until she went to America herself. You see, most Irish people have a romantic view of America due to all the Hollywood movies. However, when she got there she rang home immediately and said she couldn’t wait to get home the people were so uncharitable and the funny the thing is my sister isn’t religious at all. She told some stories but one was where she’d asked a lady to swap seats so her disabled daughter would have easy access to the toilet. “No, I paid for this seat it’s my seat”.

The funny thing is we had the same problem when travelling to America with my American wife who was pregnant at the time. We asked on the plane for a lady to swap seats for the same reason as my sisters and were met with the same response.

“I paid for this…I worked hard for this…why should I give it to you?” This type of uncharitable individualistic philosophy has really destroyed America. I can see why it gives birth to another dangerous extreme that is communism. I would like to think that although not without its own blemishes socialist democracies have struck some sort of balance. Its why I could never leave Ireland. I did consider it at one stage until my last trip to America and my experience of my American in laws, and then realized that this giant continent of mentally ill people on steroids is not for me.

I know I sound uncharitable but whenever anyone asks me to work for Catholics or meet them I always ask, “are they American?” “Yeah” “No, my answer is no. They’re far too intense, argumentative, untrustworthy, individualistic, culturally protestant, uncharitable and overwhelming… I can’t do it.”

I can see why Pope Francis and much of the European Italian Curia don’t like American Catholics, they’re genuinely over the top and extreme in the faith. It’s not their fault because it’s just their culture to really grab something and run with it to the extreme. They’ll take that can of coke and turn it into an even bigger one. They’ll see that man on the moon and put one on Planet Mars just to compete and outdo the other. They’ll take that Catholicism and make a big deal out of it by having a television show complete with T-shirts and mugs.

Haha, it’s admirable to be honest but they’ve a danger of taking it to the extreme and the more laid back European Catholics like myself can’t handle them.

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