Do No Evil And Evil Will Not Befall You

Today I had a phone call from a woman whose parents were persecuting her and her children and it later on in this story you will know why it was the Lord had alerted me to an answered prayer. These parents made a life changing decision for her are extremely angry towards her and her husband.

I set about praying for Gods mercy upon them both. They’re very irreligious people and do not understand who it is they’re attacking. Believe me when I say this that, whenever you go after the Lords people, you’re in for a world of trouble especially if you’re a heathen or have apostatized. It’s the reason why I always advise people never to attack priests, Nuns, or Bishops and the Pope or Patriarch. Never attack the small souls who God has raised like prophets and visionaries because you’re inviting a great evil upon yourself not only in this world, but the next.

Whenever we commit personal sin that is bad, the Lord visits us with an illness or some tragedy. Like a loving father who reprimands his children in a bid to get them to act and behave properly so too the Lord with us. The only difference is that the Lord being supernatural, his reprimands come in various forms of illness and tragedy. It must be understood that this is an act of mercy on behalf of the Lord and not revenge. Jesus does not think the same way we do when he wills something into existence. Gods anger is not to be confused with human anger.

I prayed for these people and had masses said for them. I also asked the Lord to reprimand them both, not for the purpose of revenge and to be satisfied at the thought of their suffering, but to bring about their conversion. I also prayed for the Lord to soften their hearts as they’re the most uncharitable irreligious people I’ve ever met. One way the Lord can soften the heart is through punishment. They have a particular type of belief about how the world should work etc. However, they do not understand that God does not share in their “human philosophy” and how they see the world.

This type of evil human philosophy they have passed onto their sons and daughters except for one. This one had been rescued from the perilous path they themselves traverse by her husband who although not perfect by any means, puts the Lord first above all else. They’re angry about that because this guy doesn’t care for the way they look at the world. He does not align well with their secular outlook on life and it gravely irritates them to the point were they’re willing to allow their child and grandchildren to live in abject poverty to express their hatred. They just don’t understand who he is, the supernatural nature of his conversion and how it is he came to the point where he is at now.

In the eyes of the world, he’ll always be a failure, but to the Lord, he’s His son whom he loves and his wife his daughter. If you attack that type of family unit committed to the Lord you’re looking for trouble. Don’t do it.

I’m sitting at Boston donuts with my son with our bikes. I get a call from this nice lady and the first thing she says is, “Are you near a Church?” I reply, “No, why?” “I got a text from my mother, they both have Covid19 and are really bad with it. Please have a mass said for them”.

I was sitting in my chair and my whole body was aching from the exercise on the bike but I suddenly got a gust of wind into me. I shouted with happiness how this was a prayer answered and that she need not worry, they’re unlikely to die from it. This is only a small reprimand on the hand from the Lord for the fires awaiting them if they don’t repent are of a much more grave concern.”

I cycled home with my son who had no idea where my happiness was coming from. I could not even refrain myself from singing out loud on my bike in the busy town “BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD”. Then on my way home I explained what happened to my wife and I said to her the words of the suffering prophet Job, “The Lord gives the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord” and suddenly realised that “Blessed be the name of the Lord” was in the sentence and that I sang.

I put on a happy chant on YouTube that praises the Lord for His mercy and I danced around the house aching limbs and all I didn’t care. Then as I sat and relaxed a hymn came on the T.V. It was an ancient hymn of along ago all in Greek. I heard something tell me to look up and I did. What was the title of the song? “A song against the Heathen”. I laughed hahahahaha.

Yes, great is Gods mercy. I praised him for his mercy on these two for that is what Divine Justice is, it’s mercy we have that from St.Thomas Aquinas himself and all the early fathers before him. Right now as providence would have it, the soundtrack of “The prince of Egypt” is playing. I am being reminded of the Lord how when the stubborn irreligious Pharaoh chose his fate by being swallowed up in the sea, Miriam played on her tambourine and celebrated his death but Moses reprimanded them for this reminding them that they were Gods children too.

I want to get out my tambourine and dance, but at the same time I must refrain myself and rather dance and praise the Lord for his providence, justice and mercy not neglecting to remember these two people are His children also who have chosen quite the dangerous path in life.

DO NO EVIL AND EVIL SHALL NOT BEFALL YOU (From Ecclesiasticus (no time to reference it sorry))


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