Discernment Of Spirits

Discernment of Spirits is a Grace of the Lord. Some are able to do it due to some heavy spiritual reading of those who possessed the gift. Others are able to do it because God has given them the grace and gift to do so.

A person asked me if the discernment of spirits has to do with decision making. My answer is yes but there’s much more to it than that. Exorcists have (falsely in my opinion) claimed that it’s being able to know a demon’s name during an exorcism. I don’t believe this type of discernment is the same mentioned by St.Paul or the Early Church Fathers and Medieval saints renowned for their spiritual direction.

The problem Catholic Exorcists have is they’re unable to back up such a claim by citing anything in the history of the Church that would indicate that is so.

So what is the discernment of the spirits? Discernment of the Spirits is the ability to know when God is speaking and behind any given action of a person. At the same time, it means being capable of knowing the Devil is speaking or behind any given action.

When navigating the spiritual life in Christ and the world in general, this gift is unbelievably handy. If we don’t have the gift at least getting an idea through reading the saints can help. People go through life and when they fall into what the secular world label “Bad luck” they’re unable to make the connection between their behaviour and falling on hard times.

Take for example the story of a woman whose parents committed a terrible act upon her and her husband. Only a few days later both parents fell seriously ill with Covid19 and suffered fevers. They go through the illness, get over the fever and return to life without ever being capable of understanding the root cause of their demise. Both parents cannot make the connection. What happened was God withdrew his light from them and allowed the evil of Covid19 to befall them, not as an act of revenge but to teach them a lesson that they may repent.

However, because both parents are not religious they’re unable to make the connection and receive the warning being sent to them. If you were to call them and try and explain the situation, they’re so absorbed in the secular culture that they’d just view you as a crazy religious person. This is why I always instruct others when dealing with the secular world to use the bad language they use and mirror their behaviour. Even though it makes you feel uncomfortable doing so, it helps in converting them.

If you come too heavy with spiritual talk or behaviour then like a deer in the woods they become spooked and take flight.

Another example of discernment of spirits is watching how a sequence of events that leads to some serious financial or psychological hardship is often due either to personal sin or simply an attack of the Devil whose job it is to destroy any family unit on the path to Christ. He takes his time but eventually, he’ll achieve that goal if prayer is lacking and the personal sins are mounting up to the point where it forces God to withdraw his light from you and permit hardship to come for the purpose of saving your soul.

Other examples where secular (and even religious) people wouldn’t make the connection would be travelling around in a car. You’re on your way to confession and you’re at that junction when a man pulls out in front of you and you nearly go into him. Then you go 500 meters in the car and it happens again. In the secular world, such things are seen as coincidences, but in the religious one, it’s the Devil using the ignorance of others to wreak a bit of havoc and prevent you from confessing those all-important sins that would pull you away from the fires of Hell.

This type of language cannot be understood even by some religious people because they’ve not progressed in their spiritual life. They view that kind of talk as crazy.

I’ll leave you with another example. Prior to Covid19 in 2018 Ireland repealed a religious law. The law was to do with the opening up of Pubs/Bars that sold alcohol on Good Friday to honour the Crucifixion of Our Lord. In that same year they legalized abortion and Ireland became one of the last countries in Europe to do so. When they repealed both laws everyone was saying, “Look, the sky has not fallen and life goes on as usual. People can drink in the bars and clubs on Good Friday and that is their choice. People can kill their babies if they feel like it for any reason and the sky has not fallen in.”

Then under a year later Covid19 came along and guess what? All the bars closed down in Ireland and many Pubs/bars went out of business and suffered greatly. Covid19 affected the whole world in many ways, but nobody is able to make this connection. Why? Not because they’re stupid, but because they’re just so ignorant and blind. This is why Jesus from the Cross called out for mercy upon the Pharisees asking forgiveness because they had no idea what they were doing. Jesus loved them greatly but they did not understand the nature or reason for their behaviour. Despite all their spiritual insight and learning, they could not see who or what was behind their actions. They really thought they were following God. The Pharisees were not evil people, only that they were ignorant, but it’s this ignorance of the spirits that keep evil circulating in the world.

You see, spiritual discernment is more than mere decision making. With this understanding or gift, a person really has an advantage on the spiritual battlefield. He may not be a worldly success, but that’s of no benefit to him anyway. However, he will be a spiritual success if he uses it properly and maintains his path and does not abandon, “The Way”.

Our Lady of The Way, Pray for us.

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