Financially Hard Times And Some Back Pain

Recently we fell into financially hard times. The high inflation in Europe and rising energy and fuel costs with university coming in the fall made that reality all the more difficult.

I dug out the old bike from the shed, made a sale of some items on Irish sale sites and invested in a bike trailer. I suggested to my wife that we sell the car, give the bikes a trial run and go into car sharing using it only when we really need to.

Irish people outside of the cities are quite small minded so when I hitched the trailer and hit the road this piece of kit was an unusual sight for them to see. I got beeped a lot, shouted at and lots of laughing and jeering going on. The reason for this is because it’s out of the ordinary and when you do anything like that in a regimented society you’re bound to run into trouble. Afterall, it was the uniqueness of Christs teaching that got Him Crucified.

The trailer can handle a load of 110lbs but the shopping I did certainly seemed to weigh a little more than it. Pedalling off I had to tackle a monster of a hill. I probably should have but instead of walking up it I took the challenge and cycled it.

My beautiful breeze and spin down hill had been short-lived as I was immediately hit with a short incline but devastating headwind. Anyone on a bike without a cargo the size of Jabba the Hut would know that’s not very pleasant for speed and efficiency.

I made it home but later that night my back began to burn and ache on my lower spine. Even with this pain I continued to ride the bike the next day. That evening I went to Mass. I happened to go on the Novena to St.Gerard Majella and I forgot it was a Wednesday. It is that time of the week when daily mass is unusually full.

I go in and it is as if God had planned it for me. Lying on its lonesome was a singular comfy chair. No hard pews for me. It was not the most comfortable in the world and made of plastic but better than sitting in them hard pews.

The searing pain was unreal and throughout Mass I squirmed here and there. I kept kicking myself thinking, “You push yourself too hard, give it a rest.” After Holy Communion I made a prayer and asked the Lord through the intercession of St.Gerard to heal my back. I came out of Mass and my back pain was gone. Just like that.

Thanks for reading the post.

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