How To Scrap Luxuries, Save Money, Be Happy And Not Care What The World Thinks About You

This economist Mark Boyle known as the moneyless man for his one year experiment on surviving without any money at all has some great tips.

I read his book many many years ago mostly for tips on how to survive in hard times. A piece of advice of his I could never follow. However, I have decided to give it a go by making some adjustments so that it won’t be so harsh on the household.

I will sell all smartphones and laptops and downgrade to a simple pay as you go mobile phone. Then we will use the local library. It’s a 20 minutes bike ride from the house (selling the car too). We can go once every two weeks to check up on e-mails.

Therefore I’m not doing without the technology but making the adjustments necessary to spend less on phones and less time on expensive modes of communication. The benefits? I get to sell the phones and make some cash that will go into the emergency fund. Then I will be able to do without people contacting me on the internet whenever they feel like it.

I took the boys up to the North of Ireland to ride the mountain trails there. I noticed that they still have the same phone boxes from the 1990s. It brought me back to my childhood days and memories of how we didn’t even have mobile phones only fixed lines. The phone box was the nearest thing you had to a mobile phone.

I think it’s a good idea and there are so many financial and health benefits to getting rid of the luxury. My wife has a harder time doing this stuff than I. The reason for this is because she comes from a luxurious background while I don’t. Then again even some on the breadline can’t do without the luxury of cigarettes or alcohol so maybe it’s not about your upbringing but your mindset?

I can simply stop smoking when I need to. I don’t know why, but I can just turn it off. I’m the same with drinking alcohol, I can just switch it off. The last time I did was in 2018 and I’ve not even had a whiff of beer since.

Come to think of it Mark is right, there are so many health benefits in scrapping luxuries. Getting rid of the car and opting for walking and a bike is a major inconvenience, but so healthy for you. For example, before I ever knew how to drive a car I didn’t feel the inconvenience. It is only when we are introduced to the luxury is eliminating it from the daily schedule a significant challenge.

We need to retrain and reprogramme the brain when in survival mode. It’s a skill very few of us have but only those who do can survive any storm that comes their way. It’s important to become the storm to defeat the storm, to be bigger than the bear etc. Reprogramming is painful as brainwashing is often so bad that it makes it impossible to scrap.

What do I mean? Well, the first hurdle is scrapping the thought “I need a smartphone otherwise I’d go crazy.” The second one is not caring that your friends are looking at you with that new dollar store cell phone and laughing. I personally don’t care about that latter one but for some who have not overcome that hurdle, it’s a difficult one, sometimes more difficult than the former. The reason for this is that the culture has programmed them from birth to care about what others are saying and thinking of them. They’re enslaved to worrying about their image in the community.

I spot this type of behaviour all the time. One time my mother changed her lightbulbs to energy-efficient ones to save money. They were ugly but they saved money. The next day I come back and see she’s changed them back to the ones that were previously there and are costing her more money. I pointed to them and asked, “Who told you they were ugly”? She resisted and said, “nobody”. “Somebody told you they were ugly, was it my sister X?” Laughing my mother answered yeah she told me they were ugly and so I brought the old ones back.”

See what I mean? We CARE so much about what others are saying that we are quite willing to pay extra money just to satisfy THEIR personal tastes. We don’t want to live with their bad opinion of us and we become enslaved to the world yet we think we are free? hahaha. Yeah, ok.

I am not like this at all. The Lord has taught me never to care what others think unless it affects His business as sometimes we need to care if it meant leading another brother into sin or if my behaviour is spiritually too much for a brother weaker in the faith to handle so I have to play pretend. Other than that who cares, right? least of all me.

What does it mean not to care? It means not to give an emotional reaction to anyone jeering at you. People can say they don’t care what others think of them but don’t believe them because inside of them their emotions contradict their words. When we go beyond the words and genuinely don’t care what the world thinks of us then we live like Kings for not even billionaires like Elon Musk can do this nor the President of America.

Poverty is a soul tarnished by this world and wealth one who can live with or without its opinion of them and be on fire with Christ. He’s totally detached from the human philosophy and behaviour of this race. That’s what nobility looks like. We all have that stamp of nobility for we descend from the King of Kings however by clinging to this world we squander such royal inheritance for the mirage of what appears to be nobility but is not.

I don’t ever plan on doing that, but then again, there but for the Grace of God go I.

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