Are Cargo Bikes Really Worth It?

I’ve been looking at these cargo bikes and you know, even the ones without the electric motor are priced very high at €3000 euro. The Electric ones are €7000.

I’m looking at it and thinking, “Oh come on! It’s just a long bike welded together with a box in the middle. It’s a kids wheel at the front and a BMX wheel at the back and they’re charging that much money for one?

With the right engineering head on you and a visit to the junkyard, you could pick out the pieces and build one yourself for 100-200 bucks.

I’m amazed anyone pays that much money for one. You don’t even need to build one. Let’s say you wanted a cargo electric vehicle, well, all you’d need to do is buy an electric bike and trailer for it.

A decent electric bike with the same bosch motor will cost you €1500 on the top end and €600 on the lower end. Then you attach the trailer that cost you 100 euro and hey presto you’ve got yourself a CARGO BIKE. hahaha. Not only that but you get the luxury of detaching the trailer and using it like a regular bike which you can’t do with a cargo bike like the one pictured above.

That’s what I did with my bike. I got this trailer for it and my bike 15 years ago cost me 450 euros and the trailer 100 euros. The bike has paid for itself and so all I really did was spend 100 euros on the trailer a few weeks ago. I really don’t understand how people cannot add it up in their heads just how stupidly priced these cargo bikes are and how they don’t need one. But…I guess there’s one born every minute, right? Some people are willing to spend that amount of money to look cool, oh and because there’s a trust fund somewhere.

I could go to the junkyard and build the cargo bike myself but what’s the point? Who would want that big thing lying around their garage? I can’t even fit it through my door but I can get my bike and trailer through it.

In my opinion, when it comes to cargo bikes, you should save your money and avoid them. They’re priced way too high, but they’re still in business, and do you know why? Yup, because there’s always someone stupid enough to buy it. Then it becomes an absolute magnet for thieves. No…cargo bikes are an absolute no from me. I’ll stick with the trailer for now.

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