Things I don’t Buy Second Hand

I Buy everything Second hand. Even if I were a multi millionaire I would never buy something like a car brand new. I’ll always buy Second hand. The other day I bought a bycycle for my wife that was in such good condition it was shop quality. In fact the shop the she bought it from still had the price tag of 720 euros. She was looking 300 and I bargained her down to 150 and paid only 36 euros in minor maintenance fees.

Therefore if you shop around you’ll get a good bargain. The only time I’ll ever buy something a shop or retail value is when I simply can’t get it Second hand and I NEED it.

That said, there are somethings we buy second hand that we shouldn’t. Electronics like laptops, phones, fridges, Washing machines are all suspect because it may work for the time being you’re there but break down a week later long after the deal is done.

Mattresses. Do I really need to explain this one? Yes, they’re expensive and I used to sell them. Some of them reach 2000 – 3000 euros. There’s nothing like a good night sleep and while it’s tempting to buy a second hand mattress you’ve no idea what you’re buying. Think about all the bacteria and oils from peoples skin that has been on it? Oh and…BED BUGS. NO! Save your money and buy a good mattress.

Shoes…. long before my wife met me she wore a pair of her friends shoes on a night out and caught a fungal infection that to this day she struggles to get rid of. Second hand shoes are a big NO.

Hats for the same reason as to why you shouldn’t buy mattresses or shoes.

Bycycle helmets because they’re only designed to be used for one crash. You’ve no idea of knowing if it had been in a crash or not.

Tea sets if they’re prior to 1972 will have lead paint in them. The same is true of some second hand children’s toys.

That’s all I can think of right now. Is there anything on Craigslist, FB marketplace or the local thriftstore you’d avoid buying? Let me know in the comments.

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