Monkey Virus

The new monkey Virus they say was discovered in 1956 in a monkey and then in the 70s of West Africa in humans.

A doctor explained that although not officially jotted down as a sexually transmitted disease it is primarily spread through men having sex with men.

It is now making its way to Europe for the first time. With AIDS and Monkey virus you’d think humanity would make the connection by now and stop all this…monkey business. 🙊

When nature rebels against our actions like this whether homoesexual or Heterosexual because every one gets diseases you’d think they’d get the picture, right?

That song from Bob Dylan blowing in the wind springs to mind the first lyric in particular, “How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man?”

Well, my question is how many diseases must humanity undergo before they realise the origins of the disease? The answer my friend is hard to find because we are too stupid to take notice.

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