Why Is Americas Sanctioning Of Russia Not Working?

The ruble is doing better than ever and Russia’s economy beginning to pick up. Why is America’s sanctioning of Russia not working? Instead, it’s hurting their own economy.

The reason it’s not working is that Russia is a different culture from America. They do not care for the same luxuries and conveniences that Americans do. Mcdonald’s, Netflix, YouTube and all these things don’t mean anything to Russians. The vast majority immune to western values remain unaffected by them.

The Americans cannot do without fridges, microwaves or even an automatic driving vehicle. Their nation is built upon luxury and convenience, but the Russian one is not. Rather, the Russian Psyche is very much imbued with a sense of practicality and the ability to live with and without convenience. They’ve been through more great depressions than any other country.

In my opinion, you’d think America would have the intelligence to see that, but they don’t. I would never use the punishment of poverty on a person who knows how to live without money. What is the point? I’m better off choosing an alternative method to get my way. You could use the money strategy on Ireland and it would work because the Irish have become accustomed to living the American lifestyle, but not Russians.

The Americans and their Satellite puppets like the EU(SSR) made a big mistake that is now backfiring on them. The cost of everything is rising and the peasants they stand in authority over are slowly losing their will to live because they can’t do without luxury. If they don’t fix this there’ll be revolution after revolution should it spiral out of control to the point where people are having to choose between heating and eating.

Already old age pensioners are having to do just that and are using their 24hr old age pension bus passes simply to stay warm and use the Bus electricity all day. Food and energy prices have gone up by 50% across Europe. This could be the kind of moral reset Europe needs to re-evaluate the people in charge who have taken a wrecking ball to their economy and Christian traditions.

The short economic fall and quick resurrection of Russia’s economy is testimony to the fact that America and Europe are run by imbeciles drunk on their ability to cope with the crash because they’re wealthy. But when the revolution comes, they’ll be sobering up and dealing with the awful hangover of the peasantry at the doors of the immoral and atheist castles they inhabit.

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