How Children Excel Adults In Happiness

They say ignorance is bliss. Well, this photograph and words of wisdom that accompany it are evidence of that.

When growing up I had no idea I lived in poverty. I got fed and played with my friends. There was little desire for things because all want and desire came at a much later stage in life when the want for the same clothes and toys as my friends slowly tightened its noose.

I could day the same of wealthy kids too. All children are born into this world and learn to enjoy what’s at the end of their noses provided they’re not born into abusive households where happiness rich or poor is found in short supply.

You know, before we were introduced to the concept of shame regarding hand me down clothes we kids never questioned it. My mother once left my jumper in a charity shop and our neighbour John showed up one day among us wearing it. One of the teenagers pointed and said, “Stephen that’s your jumper. Ahahaha Poor John’s mother gets his clothes from Saint Vincent de Paul’s” (a charity shop here that deals in second hand clothes). John blushed and thus the vicious philosophy that it’s inappropriate to wear hand me down clothes began for us children.

But if that human philosophy regarding the shame of possessing hand me downs didn’t exist, there’d be no blushing nor time to be anxious and depressed.

The reason we get depressed or are filled with a sense of shame when we don’t live up to the human philosophical inventions of the local community is because we were brainwashed to accept such abnormal behaviour as normal.

We say things like, “It’s normal to get upset when someone shames you for not having a job or the latest motor car.” We literally accept it as the norm and so have been conditioned by the culture to beat ourselves up with tears and anxiety when someone insults us.

Why does the rich man not get upset when insulted by others telling him he’s a poor so and so? Precisely because he’s aware of the fact he is wealthy.

When we become “aware” of how the world works. When we become “aware” of the game we’ve been thrusted into whereby the culture indoctrinate us with silly worldly philosophy then we won’t get insulted. Yes, you have been taught by society that falling short of the high social standard it set for everything that you’re supposed to be emotionally upset and get all worried. When you realize all of this you’ll become the rich man being insulted as a poor man. When people insult you, it won’t make any sense to you.

You don’t have a job? You’re supposed to get upset, right? Lost your job? Your programming in your head put there by the world tells you you’re supposed to get upset and so off you go getting emotional.

Then you see another guy in the same predicament not getting upset. Why? He’s free that’s why. He’s examined himself and put into question the world around him. Suddenly, like a detective in one of those thriller movies who has stumbled upon the truth of what took place he’s onto something.

That’s what repentance looks like. It’s not merely saying sorry for your sins but waking up and smelling the roses. It means changing your perception not only of the world but primarily and most importantly yourself.

This questioning everything type of behaviour provides the blueprint to a new life in Christ who is always searching for that one soul fed up with the world, who begins to question the very nature of it and his place within it. Why do I think the way I do, what is the reason I get upset when insulted by others etc etc. These are the important questions to ask yourself.

Your depression will begin to lift as the veil of your brainwashed self is finally lifted by the Grace of God and partially yourself as you struggle to make sense of it all.

Children don’t care because they haven’t been poisoned by the world . . . Yet. They have not bitten into the forbidden fruit of praise, wealth and fame. They don’t know they’re either living in a mansion or a Barn in the desert because they’ve yet to be introduced to the world that teaches them to crave one and despise the other. They’re free.

This is why Jesus says in the Gospel that it is to children that the kingdom of Heaven belongs. It is this type of innocence the Lord wants us to revisit. If we ourselves want to enter that kingdom not in the distant future but in the here and now for the Kingdom of God Jesus assures us is within us and it’s possible here and now.

Getting there requires taking a shovel of prayer and grace and digging into the layers of mucky worldly conditioning to find this treasure. Yes, the treasure of the Gospel exists, but it’s buried beneath the rubble of sin and worldly conditioning.

Get yourself a shovel and dig yourself out of that hole, my dear reader…DIG.

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