The Black Widow And The Irish Troubles

From the time of the young Prophet David to the Northern Irish troubles a sling shot was quite a dangerous and effective weapon.

In my youth I owned a black widow I bought off the street for 20 quid. You knew it was dangerous when the guy selling it to you says, “If you’re found with this, I didn’t sell it to you, right?”

It had a steel brace that rested on your forearm and two gigantic elastic tubes. You could kill a person with this had they have been at the right distance and within the correct velocity of the steel ball bearing in it.

Being too hasty to try it out I fired a shot up into the air. It was so strong that it reached the houses 500 meters away and all you could hear was a crash. “That crash sounded like a window. was it our slingshot that did that or just mere coincidence” asked a friend. “I’ve no idea but I’m not hanging around to find out” I replied half laughing and half in tears at the thought of being discovered.

You never see kids with them these days and for obvious reasons….

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