Give Your Money To The Thief

I’m not the sort of giving type that gives to every single person I see every time I see them. Sometimes I do pass by that sign that says, “I’ve no money and I’m hungry” without giving even so much as a glance sinner that I am. If I gave to everyone every day all of the time I’d have no money myself. I’m already a jobless charity case too so I’m as close to that man on the pavement as anyone else. Sometimes I may not have change nor the time but I’ll say hello and touch on the miserable weather.

I might come out of a supermarket and throw the girl sitting on the ground with her paper cup a chocolate bar out of the pack I bought.

I’m saying all this so that you don’t think I’m someone to look up to. I have my stingy moments too. But this post is primarily focused on the reasons why people don’t give to those presenting themselves as poor or homeless. The reasons are endless.

I know the girl sitting on the ground is part of a gang who beg around town and then pool their resources at the end of the day to get drugs. I’m aware they’re already on welfare and get a little something from the state. I know that when I throw that guy 2 euros he’ll stash it away until he has enough for a bottle of red wine or a little bag of cocaine.

What he does with the money is of no concern to me. It is the greater wealth of love that I have given him that is important and the charitable act all by itself. I’m not talking about making myself feel better. Some people give to charity to make themselves feel better. It’s all about the homeless person but they have to emotionally get something out of it too. Haha, rubbish. That’s not charity, that’s “I give you something, you give me something back”. I call that type of charity boomerang love.

You often hear people saying when interviewed for their good deeds on T.V, “Well, the reason I love making the homeless dinners is because it makes me feel great”. It’s better than nothing but on closer inspection it’s not charity if its not totally selfless. I think a more refined way of putting it would be, “I love giving the homeless dinners because Christ commanded me to feed the hungry. My love for God motivates me to do so.” See? There’s no ME in there. The Me Me Me Me has been removed. God is the motivation not the good feelings I get from doing so. I’m not after that, trying to be selfless here, see?

I give to others because Christ advised to do so without scrutiny. Most people won’t give to the homeless as there’s that excuse they’ll use it on drugs or wild parties. So what? Who cares just give it to him. “But…he’s part of a gang of thieves who are not even homeless”. And? Jesus said that when someone asks us of our coat we should give to him and more besides.

He never put any clauses on it like, “Unless he’s already either a millionaire, thief, ugly, fat, beautiful, lazy, no job and that he will spend it on drugs.” What the thief or genuine man does with your coat is his own business and responsibility before the Lord, not yours. I once gave a man a warm hat as he sat on the cold ground. I go home thinking he’s all cozy and warm when he’s most likely pawned it for money to get drugs. What do I care? Not my business and he’s responsible for his own actions.

What Jesus wants from us is charity within our means that is without excuses or discrimination. I’d like to financially help my sister but she’s quite frivolous with money and will spend it irresponsibly. Rubbish! give your sister some financial help or you’ll wake up on the cold ground of purgatory at the gates of Hell. Then we’ll see what Jesus taught of your lame excuse.

We often pull God down to our human way of thinking which is a sort of blasphemy to degrade God in such a way. “The Lord would agree with me and my human philosophical outlook on life. It makes sense to me so surely it makes sense to Him, right?” NOOO IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO HIM.

If you’ve a bit of time, just give the organized little thief the money. The Lord Himself showed us how to treat the thief on the Cross. The thief asked for something, namely forgiveness, and the Lord gave it to Him. The Lord gave Him more than a few bucks but a sure place in eternal paradise. Think about that the next time you throw your one euro coin into the the cup of the thief posing as a beggar. “Jesus gave more to the thief on the Cross and made him a Saint, my gift to this thief could never match that.”

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