Electric Bike Or Bycycle

I’ve been holding off getting these new electric bikes. I’ve had this bike since I was 23 years old and I’m quite attached to it as it was my first real adult bike.

However I’m approaching 40 and so my level of fitness is not what it used to be. I have a bad right foot from a fall in 2017 and so when I walk for short periods of time it really aches. Its worse when cycling due to the added pressure on the pedals but I’ve learned to ignore it.

The other day I pulled too much of a heavy load on the bycycle trailer. The journey without the trailer to and from the store is 18 minutes. But the journey back with a full weeks shopping is 45 minutes. That’s just me in the lowest gear possible swinging my legs so as to relieve pressure from hitting the pedals. The trick to healthy knees, quads and lower back on a bike is to pedal loosely rather than mash’em.

It didn’t matter what I did as there was no avoiding the pain. When I got home my wife asked if I felt O.K. I told her I’m great but I won’t be in the morning or a day or two.

For some reason my left sit bone, right lower back, quads and knees were all in pain. I think my saddle position had a lot to do with it. I bought this big fat saddle for comfort but I lost likely had the nose of it too high.

Another theory of mine had been the imbalance of my pedal stroke is what did it. Either way I’m giving it plenty of rest now and I’m in recovery for a few days.

While taking the time out I used it to peruse the local market on Facebook so loom at some electric bikes. They’re incredibly pricy and would use up my emergency fund, however if I’m going to live life without a car, and be realistic about saving on insurance, tax, maintenance, petrol and car payment fees (but I would never get a loan anyway) then I’m going to have to make a decision. The car is obsolete now so I need to watch my exercise as if I over do it we will be stuck.

The electric motor would simply pull that trailer no problem and I could pedal at ease. Until I make a decision about a trailer I’ve decided that after the other days mistake of carrying the heavy load I would split the shopping into two days. One load one day and another load the next.

For me the electric bike is a luxury. Either I dip into my emergency fund for it now, or I wait until every piece of my camera equipment is sold. My wife doesn’t want me to sell it but when it comes to family or hobbies the former gets chosen every single time. I don’t care, its just a camera. Even though I’m emotionally attached to my bike I’m not normally one for being emotionally attached to anything.

My bike is not what I’m emotionally attached to just the memory of buying it. And I have no such attachments to the memory of buying the camera. Its just a camera and I have bought and sold many over the years.

But this bike, it seems to come back to me all the time. I sold it to my father and he gave it away to his son in law who abused it. Why did he leave it to rot? Because when you’re carrying your own water you’re more careful about how many drops you spill on the way home.

Anyway, a few years ago it wound up at my doorstep again in pretty bad condition. It took 160 euros to clean it up and have it repaired. The suspension in it has siezed up and so I just left that alone and ride it as a stiff fork. One man remarked that the repair was so good you’d think I bought the bike yesterday. He couldn’t believe it was 15 years old.

It is hard for me to let go of the bike because I put so much work into it. However, at some point I’m going to have to accept my body is not as hard as it used to be and go for the electric one. If I could turn this bike electric I would do it but I’ve a dynamo on the front wheel so impossible.

I’ll just have to save and take my time. In the meantime there’s always car sharing and my father while there’s some life left I’m him to taxi me around whenever I need it.

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