There’s Too Many Reasons Not To Live In America And The Recent Shooting Is One Of Them

I’m sorry to hear what happened to all those people shot at a school in America.

My American wife wants to go back and live there but for years I have declined.

I couldn’t live in that unforgivable hell hole. Even if someone were to offer a million dollar mansion and all the pizza I could eat for the rest of my life would I step foot in it again.

2014 was the last time I reluctantly visited that weird country and it will be my last. I’m actually sorry I went to the embassy and got my two sons their American citizenship as to be an American just isn’t popular anymore.

America is not what it used to be in the 1950s. If it were the year 1950 and you said, “Stephen fancy getting out of poor Ireland and heading for the U.S.A?” Barely would the words have come out of your mouth as I would be swimming the Atlantic to get there.

Not now. As of today I’m officially going to munch the shamrock till the day I die. The phenomena of the gun culture there is really bizarre. Don’t get me wrong the pro gun types make some good arguments for having guns and the anti gun folk make some stupid arguments for not having them at all. But something needs to be done about it.

If I were in charge I’d ship every single one of them back to Europe and hand it back to the Indians.

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