Do We Really Need These Things In Our Lives?

Sometimes we don’t really understand the amount of clutter we think we need but don’t. Over time we become hoarders of stuff that’s not necessary and that includes psychological baggage too.

There are many things and people that we think we need for our happiness. There are things and people that we feel we can’t be happy without.

However, happiness is being able to be with something and without it and not be shaken. Recently I took my car off the road and opted for the bicycle. If I feel sad I’ve taken my car off the road then that means I was enslaved to the idea that I needed it. However, after a while the sadness will lift.

It’s rare you come across a person who can switch so easily from one thing to another and not be emotionally affected. It takes years of practice, a resilient personality, a sprinkle of Gods Grace and sometimes a mixture of all three.

After a while you realize you didn’t really need the car. It’s a luxury. You didn’t really need the little radio on your bedside locker or the laptop it’s a luxury. Smartphone? Luxury.

I come here to the library now. It’s a 40 minute cycle but the world slows down, the sun is splitting the trees and I get to see it all from a different angle.

One could even do without the microwave, the washing machine and fridge choosing instead to live simply like the Amish do. You really don’t need them. They’re just luxuries we’ve grown accustomed to. As creatures of habit and routine letting that stuff go can be a shock to the psycho and physiological system depending on the person and their personality.

It is harder to let go of people. When my 8 month old daughter was taken from me by a liberal irreligious girlfriend in 2008, I never saw her again. Letting go has been hard even after 15th birthday. What does she look like? Does she like music like I do?

Letting go has been hard, but even from our children we must be detached and cling to God if we are to truly love them. I don’t mean detached as in don’t take care of them or leave them fend for themselves. No, I mean to be detached from the false idea that we need them to be happy. How hard is it to turn to your own son sitting beside you now and saying, “I don’t need you to be happy”?

The reason for this difficulty is because we’ve been taught to depend upon one another for our happiness. But Jesus said that unless we hate father, mother, sister, brother etc we can’t truly follow him. He says elsewhere that those of us who do not leave the same people behind and follow him are not worthy of him.

We must hate and become disillusioned not with our relatives but the false idea in our heads we possess of them. We must drop even the idea that they are actually our mother and Father. For example Jesus refers to Vassulas mother as a widow when speaking with her. Why? Because Jesus does not recognize her as her mother, only His Mother is Vassulas Mother, see?

When we die that is actually how we will see her or if we are blessed with dying before we die, that is how we will see her in spirit.

We must give up all the things we think we need, to take a broom to our souls and sweep out all the sin and excess cultural conditioning if we are to make spiritual progress. We must really hate the world and everything it stands for. We must become disillusioned with our friends and family and by that I don’t mean don’t love them but recognize you don’t need them for happiness.

Today a friend shared with me a video. The footage consisted of billionaires and millionaires at the G7 summit in davos. They were standing in a circle around a woman in a sexual playboy bunny costume. She sat on a swing and a man swung her around while her naked butt was showing and was painting something with her behind.

That is the state the world is in. Meanwhile children in Yemens ribs our showing from the hunger and they’re walking around like skeletons begging for death to come so they can end the hunger. And here we have these absolute imbeciles who for all their intelligence couldn’t mentally cope if they found themselves homeless the next day.

They have zero idea of what happens when they close their eyes for the last time. They don’t know it exists. Do you know what it’s like for those of us who do know it exists and have seen, heard and felt it? We are left with the frustration of looking at those who have not seen it and don’t know it exists. They’re doctors, politicians, billionaires, poor, middle class, great minds that invent wonderful medical gadgets yet they don’t know. . . they’ve no clue. Without spiritual direction from a good priest you can even become mentally ill and depressed because of it.

A priest once said that when you’re on the verge of waking up, you’re either going to become some sort of mystic, or completely insane.

You don’t need the world, you only think you need it. You don’t even need your life, as it’s not death you fear or the unknown, but fear of the loss of what you already know. You’re not just attached to people and material objects but the materiel world and reality you currently are living, or rather should I like to say, suffering.

Remove your need for people, things, places and your own life too and follow Christ, then you will have eternal life right now….right now you can get a glimpse of the Kingdom. Go and get the treasure . . . it’s there for the taking.

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