An Increase In Demonic Activity In The Home

I’m not one of these Christians who go around thinking every little thing is demonic activity. I tend to be objective as possible while holding onto the probability it’s roots are supernatural.

You meet some people who think that a dog barking means they’ve got demons around them or that there’s a demon in the dog. It gets that ridiculous at times and to such levels that the persons entire day is consumed with looking for demons in everything they see rather than God.

And even then the polar opposite of seeing God everywhere can be just as bad. “Look, I took this photo and there’s a ray of light coming from the window….it’s Jesus making an appearance” or “That cloud looks awfully similar to Jesus right hand”. “Right that’s it” I shout, “I’m off to get an ice-cream as excuse to leave this persons presence. I can’t handle it. Good-bye”.

Now that I’ve cleared the air about how I feel on these various extremes I can explain my situation. Yes, I believe God is everywhere and unfortunately the enemy is also. We can’t ignore those realities it’s just important not to reach extremes in either that would be bordering on a mental illness.

In the last month we’ve recently decided to return to praying the Rosary as a family together at a similar time every evening. Now, I already know from experience that a sudden and consistent increase in prayer can cause more problems at first than it solves would you Adam and Eve it? Prayer is supposed to help, right? Well, sometimes the cure can be a rocky road.

Some of you may remember the last time I spoke of my sudden return to the Jesus prayer. I had an awful dream where I’m lying in my bed praying, and in my dream I’m in the exact same position in bed, in the same darkness and a voice comes from the core of my being like a locution. It’s a voice that sounds like a million voices screaming and cursing for me to stop the prayer.

I wake up from the dream in the same darkness, in the same bed position. It’s as if I transported from one reality to another. It’s different when you’re lying in bed but your bad dream is of you sitting in an armchair in some hotel you’ve never been. You awaken in your bed and the impact is not as bad. But when you go from a dream where you’re in your bed one position and wake up in that position that’s quite different.

It depends, but when you first pray nothing happens. It’s quite joyous. However, as time develops the enemy is getting disturbed by your consistency. If you are consistent in your prayer it may take one week, two or three months before there’s noticeable activity from the evil one.

Usually the activity starts out small and increases over time. It may grow to great supernatural lengths or it may reach close and then come to a stop.

I’ll walk you through a timeline of ours. First we begin praying the rosary. We might get distractions, the kids act up or as is most common, laughter and yawning occur. You may notice you’re not yawning or laughing prior to the rosary when engaged in something else, why? Because all hell is being unleashed upon you only that it expresses itself in the form of yawning, mindless inattentive prayer or laughter. Children and teenagers usually suffer from the latter.

One could argue that the yawning is due to a sudden response in the brain to an abrupt sitting down and being quiet. However, have you ever noticed the yawning doesn’t happen when you abruptly disrupt your noisy daily activity and read a book? Throughout the reading of the book you’re not yawning…see? Unless of course it’s really late at night and the body is genuinely tired, but not during the day surely, right? You see, ruling out activity as a result of natural causes and supernatural activity is not as easy as it looks.

After the yawning and the laughter dreams come. You get nightmares. For me it was similar to the Jesus prayer only I got really lustful dreams and then in the dream several hooded demons appear and I get a sharp poke on my knee by their finger. I’m in bed in the dream when he does it and I wake up after two pokes of the knee and I’m in my room. I still supernaturally feel the dark presence so I pray the Jesus prayer and calmly go back to sleep.

Now, my wife wonders why I’m getting them and not her. I said the reason for this is because I’m the Dad and in the secular world there’s no such thing as Patriarchal authority. However, while the devil blinded the world with such rubbish philosophy he must adhere to Gods theology that recognizes the Father as head of the home. If he can destroy the father, he can spiritually weaken and destroy the family also. The world can make as many feminist movies as it wants and rearrange the furniture of laws to suit their newly discovered tastes but it doesn’t get rid of the reality.

After this has been unsuccessful if God allows it his last resort is some supernatural activity. Not enough that it happens right before you, but enough to have you questioning what’s going on. For example, yesterday I entered my sons room. His mother was present. I made a joke about a Swiss Saint who, when all his 10 children were grown, got up one day, went into the woods and became a hermit leaving his wife behind.

I said I’d do the same. Then I took his red star wars stormtrooper helmet with digitial voice changer built in and put it on my head. I said, “I’ll take this helmet with me to scare anyone who dares come to ask me for spiritual advice and say, “What have you come here for, wisdom? All you’ll get is an insane man with nothing good to say, but I can play you a song on my guitar?”

Everybody laughed. I placed the Helmet nice and sturdy back on the shelf where I got it. We exited the room and suddenly the Helmet was thrown from the shelf with great force and rolled across the room. I went in, and the reason I questioned the natural occurrence is because I had been sure I put it back nice and sturdy. This questioning the natural order of things would change again later that night.

Night time arrives and everyone was tired. We left the rosary too late but I had adamant we pray it. I said, “Everybody in my room now and lets get this rosary prayed. I shouted loud because nobody was listening. I shouted, NOWWWW. And immediately during the shout a very large portion of Christians games in the adjacent room fell from a great height off the shelf.

Everyone ran inside and all of them made the connection and were scared. My son slept in my bed with me that night which he never normally does. He refused to go into the room.

The Devil was angry that the Rosary was getting prayed and the tactic of tiring everyone out so that they couldn’t pray it failed him. This failing him he chose the poltergeist technique of throwing things.

The children had made the connection so I had to calm them down. I told them he’s annoyed we are praying and that this activity is simply designed to get us to stop praying. It’s part of his plan of discouragement, but we must ignore it and keep praying for to stop means he’ll be victorious. God is stronger and if we continue to pray Our Lady will protect us. Don’t worry.

Nothing I said could have stopped my eldest son from sleeping next to me. He’s getting big now and so there was hardly any room in the bed.

Prayer is a nice thing, but it’s also a difficult task. Beginners at prayer who are used to seeing it through the secular lens of mediation and a “quiet” exercise to benefit them don’t realize they’re picking up a weapon. Priests often don’t tell newcomers the reason for this and that occurrence and allow them to assume it’s “nothing” out of the ordinary so as not to spook them off praying.

Newcomers are more prone to abandoning prayer if they think they’re going to run into that kind of trouble. But if we push through the trouble, eventually the activity will lessen provided our prayer is combined with sincere practice of the Sacraments like confession and weekly Eucharist. If the activity is too much then it’s a good idea to seek out a priest who will wean you on to the prayer in a gradual process.

Sometimes praying consistently and a lot of prayer can be like grabbing the demon by both horns which is beyond our capability as eventually you’ll be thrown around like a rag doll and trampled underfoot. It will bring about your spiritual ruin.

When praying take it easy, push through the demonic activity but not beyond your strength before either slowing down the prayer and quantity or seeking out spiritual direction.

I’m typing this with really sore knees. Why? Because I cycled too much and I need to rest them and too much overuse and I’ll never use them again. The same can happen with prayer. Overindulging is not a good thing, especially for us beginners.

God bless.

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