Washing Clothes Old School

The British government has announced that they’ll be rationing energy in about 6 months time with around 6 million homes expected to be hit initially.

If they’re announcing that now then you know it’s gonna be much worse than what they’re saying.

I’ve been preparing for no electricity and even simply going off grid slightly to cope with rising energy costs. I say slightly because until emergency hits the cooker and fridge are a luxury for now.

However I’m prepared for living without these for now. Radiators and gas are required because modern houses are now fixed with no fireplace. In Ireland social housing doesn’t allow you to alter anything in the house. Therefore gas run houses without a fireplace will face the problem of heating.

For now I’ve decided to get back to basics when it comes to washing. It costs me 4 euro a week to use a washing machine. When added up in the year that costs a lot. I bought a 94 litre bucket 🪣 and plan on turning it into my washing machine.

I thought about ow im going to set about wringing the clothes. A new clothes wringer is 256 euro online. I looked up one and only three were for sale. Two from the 1950s one of which was in Cork and the other my hometown of Dundalk. Cork was a 5 hour drive so I said no to that. And The third one had been a wringer from the 19th century and it wad 2 hours away so no thank you to that. I settled on one for only 40 euros in the cooley mountains from a farmer. These old timers always have stuff lying around that is centuries old. It beats paying 256 for something that is the exact same thing on the Internet.

Hopefully this works out including my plan to make my own laundry soap. That’ll be a fun project.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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