One Year Away From The Catholic Celebrity World

It sounds corny but believe it or not the corny world of Catholic celebrities exist. It used to be EWTN but now It is YouTube and social media also.

While I gave up looking at the money making scandal that is EWTN I soon found myself inundated with it via social media.

It’s easy to get sucked into them but I found that with the exception of a few too many mentally unhealthy individuals gravitate towards religion in a serious intellectual capacity. There’s plenty of them on the Internet and even local social circles.

Yes, there’s a sort of Catholic club in Ireland with its own social hierarchy of intellectual speakers and celebrities. I found that the only way for peace and to regain some spiritual ground for my family was to remove myself from such people and parish clubs.

I banned EWTN from the home along with anything calling itself Catholic. It didn’t matter if they were right wing or left wing or well balanced people like Bishop Barron from word on fire. I knew I needed to get rid of it as it was doing more damage than good. My faith was getting rocked by all this fame and money in the Church. When I heard one Catholic was taking in 2 million dollars a year that’s when I knew I needed to close the door on this money making circus.

Now, we just attend a local Church and pray the rosary together in the evening. My wife asked me if she could take the kids to a homeschool gathering in drogheda and I said absolutely not. When asked why I explained that is where all the Latin Mass types go. Many of them are mentally unwell and I would rather let the priests suffer them because that’s their job to convert all the different types of fish but I need to look after my family. I’m a father not a missionary and so the mental well being of my children is important to me.

Ever since I got rid of it all I’ve had nothing but peace. When in the Church there’s a temptation to move from the backseat to the front but it’s here the priests rope you into being a reader and believe it or not you’re better off avoiding that too. Since returning to sitting at the back of the Church I’ve had so much peace. Nothing beats a simple life in the Church away from the madding crowd.

Everyone has their calling but I believe mine is to lead a simple quiet life and be like 90% Catholics who go to work, Church on Sunday and focus on their kids during the week. Anything else is a temptation from the devil as far as I see it.

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