Watch “Why are narcissists so stingy when it comes to money?” on YouTube

I have to be admit that when it came to the disgusting behaviour of some of my wife’s family, that I always thought narcissism to be a personality trait.

After some research I’ve discovered that it’s not a personality trait but a mental illness. And it often goes undetected or untreated due to the fact the narcissistic person doesn’t want treatment because they think they’re the bees knees and are not mentally sick.

If you try to treat a narcissistic family member, friend or spouse they often blow up in rage and it just makes them worse. The sad thing about it is that there’s no cure for it. No medication and because they refuse counselling they don’t get that either.

In the video above she put it great when she said they use money as a means of control. She explains there’s a stingy person who is such because they’re poor but that narcissistic types are wealthy and are stingy because they’re mean spirited. They think everyone is out to use them and only wants to spend time with them if there’s some financial benefit in it for them. There’s a sense of betrayal if they’re giving you money but you decide not to meet with them. Then they start to feel used and lash out in anger.

This video is an unbelievable eye opener for me considering the people in my life right now that I’m having to deal with. It’s as if God sent it to me and said, “here’s what you’re dealing with and the reason for their behaviour so go easy on them and walk away because you can’t fix that.”

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