A Strange Revelation About My Son Christian

My son was born in 2011, in the same year he was baptized in the Ukrainian Church in Dublin on June 12th the feast of Pentecost on the Julian Calendar celebrated there.

11 years later almost to the date my wife researches whose feast day it was on the Gregorian calendar for the 12th of June. 11 years later and I never knew he was baptized on the feast of St.Christian.

But there’s more power to the name and story behind why I called him this. The True Life In God messages inspired me to call him Christian because in them Jesus spoke of how for the sake of ecumenical dialogue all Catholics and Orthodox and Protestant will call themselves Christian.

With this on my mind a few days later I read a book on the local Mellifont Abbey monastery. I have close ties to the place because of its near proximity and it’s little shop where I first discovered the True Life in God Messages. I learned that St.Christian was the first abbot and Bishop of Mellifont and Louth.

I became even more resolute in my desire to call my firstborn son Christian. Little did I know that 11 years after the fact he would be baptized on his feast day. The number 11and 12 for June is also significant because St.Christian came in the 11th century and died in 1138 in the 12th. 11 years later, 11century and 1138 and of course 12 of June for the 12th century.

I have no doubt this Saint is overlooking this young man of mine. That’s two of my boys Baptized on the feast of Pentecost and my second Son named after St.Joseph being born on his feast and my first baptized on the feast of St.Christian.

I’m a happy man today. Hungry right now, but being staved off by the feeling of joy that amidst the suffering God came to lighten me up a bit. Love it!

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