The Secular Saints

Secular people aren’t irreligious because the ritual of worship is built into each and every one of us. But because of the nature of free will, original sin and our proclivity towards untruths and choosing our own reality we tend to shift our focus from one religion to another alien to the truth.

For example, in my Facebook feed I often see pictures of Catholic Saints accompanied by their words of wisdom and good advice or spiritual counsel.

Then I scroll a bit more only to come across a famous actor like Keanu Reeves and beside his picture words of wisdom and something supposedly intelligent and wise he has come out with.

We begin to see how there are two worlds and at the same time two religions and rituals of worship going on. The one is oriented towards the truth, the other exercising it’s God given ability to grasp at it but getting nowhere near the truth. The one quote from the secular celebrity Saint encourages self esteem, the other from the true Saint a dismantling of self esteem and promotion of humility.

People are religious but seem to prefer the worship of the natural and what they know as opposed to that which is supernatural and beyond the grasp of their natural senses.

This is nothing new as for centuries people have worshiped trees, crocodiles and all sorts of animals. People also worship the concept of what they believe to be true. They worship even themselves from biblical times to modern. I’m the Bible King Nebuchadnezzar makes a giant statue of himself and demands all worship it. Kim Jon Un in North Korea made the same and demands all worship him and his statue in 2022 or face death.

Things have not changed 5000 years before Christ or 2022 years after Christ because human behaviour is unchanging. The culture and language changes but the nature of the individual remains the same.

One way to evangelize a secular person is to probe them with thoughts such as I’ve written. It’s important to pique their curiosity for questioning themselves and the nature of the world around them. Why do I think the way I do? And show them similarities between their world and the Christian one.

In doing this we can activate the all important search within them because unless we search we cannot find. Jesus assures us that those of us who seek will find. If we can provoke the seeker in others with words of kindness rather than coming down on them like a hammer đŸ”¨ and telling them they’re going to Hell then we can work wonders.

Right now they worship what they do not know, let’s show them how to Worship what they always knew but never could engage with Christ because of the layer of ignorance the devil blinded them with. The Kingdom of God is already there, it’s about taking the shovel of good counsel and helping them discover it by digging away at the layers of what blinds them to it such as self love, egoism and the secular conditioning.

We need to show secular people the world of illusion they’re living in and the real world as it is seen through the eyes of truth. It is a bit like that movie the Matrix. In the movie Morpheus shows Neo the world as he sees it now, but then proceeds to show him how that world isn’t real and so switched to show him an image of how the world really looks today. Christianity is like that.

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