The Main Issue With Buying Second Hand Electric Bikes

I’ve been fishing for an Electric Ebike having taken my car off the road. The petrol is too high for it and at €2.09 that’s too expensivr for my budget.

I own a BMW from 2008. It’s an old car but while it gets old the price of maintenance and parte does not. Therefore it has to go and I’m also going to have a problem selling such a petrol guzzler with petrol prices the way they are.

I’ve decided to switch between electric bikes and the car sharing program. I’ve financed all this and it seems to work long term. The electric bikes are for local runs and the car for necessary unavoidable trips out of town including the odd important getaway.

I’ve heard bad stories about the car sharing that range anywhere from the cars being dirty, stopping in the middle of road to incorrectly billed for what they’d paid for.

So this week I’m going to spend some money on giving these cars a trial run. However, i live in the wealthiest area of Ireland (not to brag) and so most of these reviews are from those having to rent cars in the city where crime and problems are higher.

Armed with this knowledge i drove around to take a look at the cars. They’re clean, modern and awesome. There’s a bike rack right beside them so I can come around on the bike and then take the car. Come back take my bike and a 2 minute cycle home.

The problem with brand new bikes is they’re priced too high. I never like buying brand new anything on either 4 or 2 wheels. The problem I’m faced with now is buying second hand bikes. I know my bikes and can easily look for major red flags. I’m good at negotiating prices but the problem I’m having is with the battery.

A second hand bike sometimes doesn’t come with mileage history. Even if it does I’ve no idea if the clock has been tampered with. Furthermore a multimeter is used to test the quality of the battery and some batteries are built into the bike. How do I know such batteries are not on their way out?

I don’t even have a multimeter and they’re costly. Therefore I’m afraid to buy one. I’m also afraid to buy brand new. How do I know the owner isn’t cutting corners by taking half eaten batteries and placing them on the new bikes? You ultimately don’t know. You’ve probably guessed it by now that I’m a difficult guy to sell to and you’d be right. I trust nobody and have a hard time doing so especially in sales. I was a salesman and I’m aware just how dirty the business is.

Then I decided I’ll upgrade my existing bike to electric but how do I know these back-alley dudes are trustworthy? In the end, I’m stuck when it comes to decision making . I’ve a hard time making my mind up and change like the wind when it comes to being committed to a course of action.

I’m running out of time but I think buying brand new or second hand with a battery I can test is the way to go considering the timeframe.

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