Don’t Go To A Bad Confessor

Unless you’re in real need of a confession due to grave sin or are in danger of dying, avoid going to a bad confessor. There’s a great error newcomers make when approaching the faith and that’s to assume all priests are holy. I wish I could say that were so, but it’s untrue. There are even priests who break the seal of confession.

Sometimes like myself we don’t really have a choice, but while some are poor confessors others are so bad that if I see them coming I get up and leave and so should you. I won’t allow my children to even confide anything in a priest I know whose intellect and will has been compromised.

There is a difference between a Bishop and Priest and mere chancery personnel. The former have been chosen, while the latter while holding the title of priest and Bishop, have been only called to do their duty and no more. Having heard some horror stories about Bishops recently, it just goes to show you don’t ever know a person.

If salvation is important to you and your children, don’t feel obligated to associate with them or confess your sins. If you’re in danger of death then of course you should confess to them. And as they give you bad counsel, don’t argue with them. All you need to do is smile, bow your head and then leave without ever arguing. Remember that “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord”. Let it go.

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