Why Does The Devil Target The Husband?

In recent days my father has had to drag me around in his car as my legs are out of commission. While in the car we had so many near accidents. My father could hold his silence no longer. He said, “Every time you’re in the car I get into 4 or 5 different near accidents in the space of 5 minutes. My father is aware of my conversion story which is why he speaks like he knows what is going on.

A lot has happened to me over the past few months and the Devil has turned up the heat of his attacks on my family. It is true that this happens a lot when my wife drives with me in the car too. I came home and joked about it with her too as my father is not used to it. Over the years my wife has had no choice but to get used to it.

Regardless of the nature of my unusual conversion, I get attacked anyway. More emphasis of the attack is on the person who has been given the grace of taking a peek behind the Curtain. A poet once said, “In the Kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is King”. I’m not referring to myself as a King nor anyone else in my predicament. But the one eyed man is also a significant target. How do you destroy a Kingdom? You strike at the King. How do you destroy a family? You take aim at the Husband.

The Husband of any family will always be the primary target for the Devils attacks regardless of how he converted. The reason for this is because the man is the head of the household. The children follow the man. If the man decides to become Orthodox, the children will most likely follow him. If he decides to be Catholic they’ll follow him there too. If he makes the bold decision to be a secular good for nothing narcissistic irreligious entrepreneur they’ll imitate him. Either they’ll follow him to heaven, or follow him to Hell the latter of which is the devils plan.

It is the father the Devil likes to corrupt the most. If he can drag him away from prayer and saving his kids souls he’ll employ whatever means necessary to do it. Various distractions at his disposal are burning the father out with worldly affairs such as work, materialism or an unhealthy focus on wealth and the human world. Sending him into a deep depression and preventing him from working altogether or restricting his entry into anything from Church activities, jobs, university and the activity of prayer and Mass are his main objectives.

All of this is designed to stomp out the light in the family. Car accidents are the least of my worries as it puts an end to my misery, but only for the Lord, the Devil would kill me. Killing the father is so much easier. A house without a spiritual head is an absolute playground for the devil. He will throw every single temptation at the husband and drag him to the darkest of places.

My advice to fathers is to remind yourself of how you came to the faith. That’s what I do. I think of my conversion to the faith and this gives me courage. I have times in my life when I forget that it’s real. In the darkest moment we forget all memory of the light we once enjoyed. Yet it is this memory that will eventually dispel the existing momentary experience of darkness.

I’m in that dark place now. Having estranged everyone from me including the local church, family and destroyed my legs for a season, having tried to kill me with cars and threats of deep financial woes and throwing things about my house not to mention physical sicknesses, he’s now hit me with a deep and dark depression where I had to call my doctor something I’ve never done before in my life.

After all this I observe the flicker of the small candle in my room and recall my conversion. I accept the black cloud that comes. Regarding my complaints about the bad weather a woman once said to me, “Ah, sure it’s needed to help the plants grow”. That’s what we are, little plants that need the darkness of the cloud and rain without which we shall never grow. Suffering helps build spiritual maturity of which I am lacking as of late.

I live in hope that the Sun will shine again.

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